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Brainard’s Natural Remedies®

Thursday, November 1st, 2012

Each year, Americans purchase a whopping 600 million pounds of candy to celebrate Halloween. What does this look like? Imagine 16 billion Snickers or 158 trillion pieces of Candy Corn. It has been reported that the average American eats 25 pounds of candy a year, much of which is likely consumed right around this time of year. But while sugar-laden candy sales continue strong, a growing population of heath-conscious individuals and concerned parents are seeking alternative options. Now, thanks to Green America and Brainard’s Natural Remedies All Natural Antacid®, Halloween can be celebrated as fun and healthy with Green Halloween® –a movement for healthier, more eco-friendly traditions.

This Halloween, Brainard’s Natural Remedies is teaming up with Green America as the proud sponsor of their Green Halloween® event. Green America has reached across the U.S.; in 2011 they hosted approximately 30 official public celebrations, where they replaced over 1 million pieces of conventional candy with healthier options. “It is an honor to team-up with Green America in this endeavor that aims to promote good health in celebrating the holidays,” says Elliott Brainard, Founder and President of Brainard’s Natural Remedies.

“Children often experience upset stomach, heartburn and indigestion from eating so much Halloween candy,” explains Brainard. “Fortunately, Brainard’s Natural Remedies All Natural Antacid, tastes good as well as provides the power and health benefits of blueberries. By incorporating the blueberry fiber and along with other essential berry extracts into the antacid, it becomes almost just as easy to eat as candy while providing much needed relief from occasional indigestion, naturally!”

Known for their anti-inflammatory abilities within the digestive tract, blueberries help to reduce the leading symptoms of indigestion, including stomach discomfort. Not only do blueberries aid in anti-inflammatory processes within the stomach, but the high amount of fiber that they contain creates a multitude of benefits for the lower gastrointestinal tract. Along with blueberries, Brainard’s All Natural Antacid is also powered by a unique blend of pomegranate, bilberry, and elderberry extracts. This antioxidant combination aids in the removal of free radicals from the body.

“Being aware of what we eat this holiday season can substantially effect how we feel,” adds Brainard. “Children as well as parents can benefit from this product because it helps with indigestion from the sugary sweets we are adding into our diets.”

About Brainard’s Natural Remedies®

Established in 2010, Brainard’s Natural Remedies All Natural Antacid is the result of a berry fruitful discovery. Founder and President, Elliott Brainard discovered the benefit of using blueberries to relieve stomach discomfort in his own personal life. Upon this discovery, Brainard researched the power of blueberries and other natural ingredients that promote good digestion. His findings led to the production of Brainard’s Natural Remedies, a healthy alternative to help relieve indigestion for everyone.

Currently, Brainard’s Natural Remedies All Natural Antacid comes in a chewable tablet form and is available in a 4 tablet pouch, 10 tablet refillable tube, 30 tablet bottle and 90 tablet bottle. Brainard’s Natural Remedies can be found in health food stores throughout the United States. For a complete list of retail stores, visit


For more information on Brainard’s Natural Remedies, including request for samples and to schedule an interview with Founder and President Elliott Brainard, please contact Rajan De Los Santos at Christie Communications at (805) 969-3744 or ###

31 Days of {Green!} Giveaways: Day#20

Thursday, October 20th, 2011

Welcome to Day #20 of our

31 days of {Green!} Giveaways

Today’s question: What’s the best Halloween party music?

*Attention Facebook fans: Please answer as a comment on our blog, not our Facebook page in order to be entered to win!*

Today is day #20 of our month-long, trick-or-treating party for parents!

Just knock on our door (AKA blog) each day, answer the daily question (in lieu of shouting, “Trick or treat!” – although you are totally welcome to write that as well) and you’ll be entered to win some absolutely fabulous, ever-so-eco-friendly prizes.

Today’s prize package is worth $40!

Today I Ate A Rainbow!

Today I Ate A Rainbow kits. Get your kids Eating A Rainbow of fruits & veggies!  Kit contains: An interactive chart that uses colorful magnets to track daily consumption of a rainbow of fruits & veggies, a color coded shopping list and a children’s book called The Rainbow Bunch. $25 Ships to USA and Canada.

Gift certificate for $15 at (Can be used at the Green Halloween® marketplace or anywhere on Open to USA and Canada. Winner pays shipping.


Here’s how to enter:

1. Add your e-mail address to the comment login, below. (We cannot notify you if we don’t have your e-mail address!)

2. Add a comment (one per e-mail address) with your answer to the question above.

3. Comment must post before 11:59pm PST – TONIGHT

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Good luck & have FUN!

(& See you tomorrow )

Green Halloween® is a nationwide non-profit initiative started by mother-daughter team Corey Colwell-Lipson and Lynn Colwell. In 2010, Green Halloween became a program of EcoMom® Alliance and has events in cities across the U.S.



What a TREAT! Get 50% off items for a Green Halloween

Sunday, October 9th, 2011

by Corey

(Click on coupons to redeem offers)

In December 2008, we (Celebrate Green!) published a 50% coupon sheet featuring sustainably sourced products, with the hope that if people were going to buy gifts for the holidays, that they would buy green. This was before the explosion of sites like Living Social, but we had a sneaking suspicion that 50% off just might be discount enough to entice people to purchase items that they might not otherwise have considered. The coupon sheet was a smashing success, and so we’ve published a new one each year.

We’ve also decided to publish a similar sheet in time for this year’s Halloween season! After all, Americans spend nearly $7 billion on Halloween, and most of that is on products that are unhealthy for people and planet. Shouldn’t we make it easy and affordable for people to green the holiday?


So…. (drum roll, please) we are excited to announce the launch the first-ever Green Halloween® coupon sheet!

Including products just perfect for a people healthy, Earth-friendly Halloween, from our trusted friends at:

We are also offering 50% off on our book, Celebrate Green! Creating Eco-Savvy Holidays, Celebrations & Traditions for the Whole Family! As the founders of the Green Halloween initiative, of course, we included a big chapter on Halloween, with exclusive ideas not found anywhere on our sites.

So thank you for shopping green this Halloween! We hope you enjoy these offers and share them with your friends and family, too.

And for more green Halloween products, from gifts to goodies, visit the new Green Halloween® marketplace on


Halloween-Goodwill Style

Thursday, October 6th, 2011

By Corey

Did you know that Americans will spent 1.75 Billion dollars on Halloween this year? That is a lot of green. We’ve come up with a way to have fun, look great, and keep some of that green in your pocket. Your local Goodwill store is an amazing resource for all things Halloween!

Have you ever felt like running away to join the circus? Don’t let the high prices of Halloween costumes scare you….just head to your local Goodwill and pick up an adorable costume at an affordable price. Our 1940′s model above is wearing Goodwill from hat to boots and everything in between. Her entire outfit came to less than $20.00!
Every vintage circus needs a ringmaster. Lion tamers are a MUST!Not only is she an amazing acrobat….she sells popcorn on the side….

Every circus needs a carnie to help out. I picked up a tattoo sleeved shirt, some bottom grillz and a newsboy cap for a song! This Halloween avoid the retail circus and head to your nearest Goodwill! Head over to for more Halloween ideas.

We are so fortunate to be able to work with Goodwill International
on making every year a Green Halloween.

Throw A Garden Birthday Party

Monday, March 14th, 2011

Can you smell fall in the air? We can! Here at Green Halloween we are so excited for all the delicious treats and Halloween festivities that are in store.

This year, Green Halloween is being powered by Veritey, a website and community that helps families get to the root of healthy living. At Veritey we research and analyze beauty products, clothing, food, decorations such as the party table linen and external toys, and home goods that are not only eco-friendly and healthy, but also effective. Veritey comes from the Latin word veritas, or truth, and is combined with the sound of “tey” in tailored and the “y” in you meaning a site comprised of truths tailored for your life. Adrienne Peres and Amy Ziff are the co-founders and lead Capidealists*™ at Veritey.

The pair created Veritey when they realized there were very few resources to truly help them distinguish which products were the best for their families. Both Peres and Ziff know how overwhelming it is to sift through the massive amounts of information out there and want to use Veritey as a tool for healthy living education. Amy Ziff is an experienced journalist and business leader. Ziff has done thousands of interviews appearing on many programs including the Today Show, Good Morning America, and CNN. Her work has been quoted in publications like The New York Times, USA Today, The Wall Street Journal, The Huffington Post and more. Adrienne Peres is a marketing and management expert specializing in start-ups and small businesses. Veritey is near and dear to Peres’ heart as her family has a history of illness. Veritey is a way for Peres to manage her own health as well as help others find natural and preventative healthcare solutions. Peres is an avid runner and competes in marathons and triathlons. The pair met on their first day of work at the travel website Site59 and preceded to work together at Travelocity for over a decade. They are also both Moms and they love Halloween!

I recently threw a party for my youngest daughter’s 9th birthday and in celebration of spring decided to turn it into a garden party!  Kids love to get their hands dirty and there’s nothing more special than taking home a party favor that you planted yourself.  This little shindig is not only easy and cost effective to pull off but an organic experience for all little nature lovers.

Girl in the garden

All you need is a pair of gloves, potting soil, a flower, and a pea pot to throw a Garden Party!

How to Throw A Garden birthday Party:

You can make it as simple or as complicated as you like.  I chose a local park favorite, Boca Ciega Millenium Park in Seminole, Florida and stole a park bench and a patch of grass for kite flying and fairy flower cupcakes.  Then it was time for the digging to begin!  The kids just plant a flower in the pea pot, add a little potting soil, then take it home as their own personal party favor.  It’s that easy!

This girl positively blooms

Gardening helps kids appreciate our beautiful planet Earth

Dozen Pea Pots for a Dollar

Finally, a party that you can afford! Dollar pea pots!

What to Bring:

pea pots (A dozen for a $1.00) at the local dollar store

Potting soil (Bag for a $1.00) at the local dollar store

A dozen pea pot size flowers (any variety will do) $10.97 at Home Depot

Little wooden push up flowers in pink ($1.00 each) at Joanne’s Fabrics

Kites ($1.00 each)  at the local dollar store

Something kids can dig into!

It's okay to get messy for this party

Kids walk away with a party favor of their making

Everyone walks away with a flower and a smile

Blogger Laurali Star can also be found on The Damsel in the Attic.

Green Halloween® is a nationwide non-profit initiative started by mother-daughter team Corey Colwell-Lipson and Lynn Colwell. In 2010, Green Halloween became a program of EcoMom® Alliance and has events in cities across the U.S.