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Eco-Friendly Workouts

Awe, spring is finally here!  Which also means that summer is just around the corner and it wont be long before your baring your bikini at the pool or beach.  It’s time to get in shape!  It turns out, you can create a work-out program that doesn’t involve the over-use of heavy machinery that impacts the Earth.  Here are some ways to work out in a green-friendly way:

Hike in the woods

Stopping to Enjoy the Scenery on a Nature Hike

Get Outdoors: When the weather warms up, there are many activities that you can do that not only clear your head but burn major calories.  Visit your local park for a hike in the woods, kayak, snorkel, surf, run outdoors, swim like a fish, and bike to take in the beauty of natural scenery.


Gardening: Planting, digging, mulching and creating a beautiful garden is a great way to boost endorphins and burn calories galore.  It also tends to have a meditative effect on your psyche so dig in!  Just be sure to wear sunscreen, preferably an SPF of 30 or higher is best.  One hour of gardening effectively burns off 345 calories!


Wash Your Car: Yes, washing your car with a hose can be wasteful and cause pollutants to run off into our oceans.  Use a single bucket filled with biodegradeable soap to conserve water and if possible pull your car onto the lawn instead of the driveway to prevent pollutants and water your lawn.  In the meantime, your getting a great workout hand washing your car by burning off a whopping 181.46 calories in an hour.

Now that’s a reason to smile!

Blogger Laurali Star can also be found on The Damsel in the Attic.

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