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Heads or tails? Eco-fab costume accessories that let kids go wild


Oeuf is one of our favorite companies. Creating simple, sustainable, use-able products for house and home, Oeuf pleases people and planet for the holidays and every day.

They’re on our minds a lot these days; in fact we just raved about their new gorgeously green garlands on our Celebrate Green! blog.


But since this is a Halloween blog, and you’re here to gather pointers for making yours a green holiday, we’ll try to curb our enthusiasm and stick to the point: Oeuf’s mask and tail accessories rock.

Not only are they made from soft, safe, sustainable alpaca, they’re knitted in Bolivia by people earning living wages. All this and more is why you will love them.

But what about the kiddos?

Without so much as leotard and tights, pants and shirt or even a pillow case with holes for a head and arms, your little one will be transformed into a Wild Thing. (The kind that doesn’t have to go to bed without his supper.)

Which leads us to our last point: when it comes to costumes (and a whole lot of things, come to think of it), less can be more. (Does your child need to be enveloped in polyester buntings to look and feel like a real-life lion? No. And buying just the masks and tails allows your child to get creative with the in-between costume parts, too.)


Looking for something similar for your wee-wild-one?

Check out Oeuf’s animal hat and booties.


Are your kids not into the animals? Too old for the furry stuff? Check out these mean beanies, for Bat Boys and Bat Girls (slightly different styles). 100% alpaca and Fair Trade, but all your kids will care about is how to make their costume as cool as their hats.

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