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Bento Boxes: Eco-Friendly Lunch for Mom And Child

While its true that more and more kids are receiving free or reduced lunches at school due to the recession, the lost art of the old fashioned lunch box is not dead.  Here is how to breathe life into your child’s lunch box with organic, eco friendly choices right down to the actual pail you use.  Another bennie,  if mom works outside the home, she can pack too!  A great habit to share with your child early on.

Bento Lunchboxes

This is the Flower Bento Lunchbox I used when I worked outside the home.

Choose Your Lunchbox:
I highly recommend Laptop Lunches because they are safe, eco-freindly, being made from recycled contents.  The bento boxes also come in a fun assortment of colors and shapes, which will appeal to children.  The bento box holds little containers so food can be placed strategically to make a well-balanced meal.

Bento Box Organizing Containers

An assortment of plastic containers and lids in the Bento box makes eating healthy easy!

Alien Laptop Lunchbox

How could kids resist a fun lunchbox like this?

Add To Your LunchBox:

  • Safe cookie cutters to create a sandwich in a fun shape makes lunch time fun!
  • Pretty toothpicks holds finger sandwiches and other textured food together with ease.  Make sure to use kid-friendly plastic, reusable toothpicks when packing for your child!
  • Edible flowers.  Yes, there are a wide variety of flowers that can be eaten in a salad or on the side, such as the chrysanthemum, daisies, and a variety of blossoms.  I suggest, checking this list before adding flowers!
  • Always add a love note to your child’s box to let them know how much you love them.  I guarantee, they will return the favor!

Happy, Healthy Eating!

Blogger Laurali Star can also be found on The Damsel in the Attic and her blog.

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