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Picky Eater? Try Crafty Moods

At Crafty Moods, the quirky online site for crafters and the like, Trish somehow manages to find the time to run the blog, think up creative recipes and crafts, and still manages to run her home as the busy mother of two baby boys.  How does this creative mom do it all and still manage to entertain picky eaters?  Trish has managed to find some fun and unique ways to get her family to eat their dinner with style.  Here’s how:

Pasta Nest

Here's one way to get your kid to eat!

A heap of pasta

Step One: Cook up some plain pasta to create a nest

A pasta nest for your meatball birds

A pasta nest for your meatball birds takes no time at all!

Cooking the birds

Step 2: Cook your meatballs to design your birds

Bird eyeballs made out of candy

What You'll need: Candy eyeballs

An orange makes the beak

What You'll Need: An orange to make the beak

Meatball birds need beaks and eyes

Step 3: Use a butter knife to cut the hole for the beak and eyes

Pasta nest on a celery branch

Step 4: Do add a celery stalk to create a branch for your birds nest

A Different Nest Perspective

Step 5: Eat and enjoy! So cute your kids will love it!

To see the full-recipe and check out more fun and creative recipes with Trish, visit:!  She’s amazing!


Blogger Laurali Star can also be found on The Damsel in the Attic and her blog.

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