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Join our #GreenHalloween #TwitterParty! 10/13/11

Celebrate the Halloween season with an EEK-O-friendly extravaganza:

#GreenHalloween #TwitterParty!

Hashtag: #GreenHalloween

Follow: @GreenHalloween

October 13, 2011  6-8pm PST

Get tips & tricks

  • Healthy for kids & planet treats & “treasures”
  • DIY costumes, make your own face paints, recycled decor & more
  • Seasonal, Earth-inspired activities
  • Ideas for a waste-less, spend-less holiday that keeps all the fun
  • Find Green Halloween® events near you
  • *Win* great, green gifts & goodies

And WOW! Just look at our special guests…


  • Honest Tea – @HonestTea
  • Goodwin Heart Pine – @HeartPine
  • Kiwi magazine – @KiwiMagazine
  • Red Tricycle – @Red_Tricycle
  • Practically Green – @PracticallyGrn
  • Endangered Species Chocolate – @ESC_Chocolate
  • Nature’s Path – @NaturesPath
  • Stretch Island Fruit Co. – @StretchIsland
  • Revolution Foods – @RevolutionFoods
  • Plum Organics – @PlumOrganics
  • Surf Sweets – @SurfSweets
  • Angell Bar @OrganicCandyBar
  • Mr Halloweenster – @MrHalloweenster
  • – @EcoMom
  • Celebrate Green! – @CelebrateGreen
  • Today I Ate a Rainbow – @eatingarainbow
  • Terrafirma Cosmetics – @MoMoGirl
  • Damsel In the Attic – @DamselInAttic
  • Neighborcare Health – @Neighborcare

Non-profit partner

  • Goodwill Industries International – @GoodwillIntl

Event partners

  • Womentorz – @Womentorz
  • LiveGreene – @ShopLiveGreene
  • Natural Luxe – @NaturalLuxe
  • Eat Cleaner – @EatCleanerFood
  • EcoPartyTime – @EcoPartyTime
  • Divine Moms – @Divinemomz
  • Green Halloween Daytona Beach – @GreenHalloween1
  • Los Angeles Costume Swap – @LACostumeSwap
  • Anna Clark – @annaclark

Hosted by: The Smart Mama – @TheSmartMama

How to join the party

1. Join or log on to Twitter

2. Follow @GreenHalloween

3. Use hashtag (#) #GreenHalloween to “chat” in the party and to follow other participant’s posts

Hint: You may find it easiest to use a (free) program such as Hootsuite or TweetDeck to participate. New to twitter parties? Do a quick Internet search for “how to participate in a Twitter party” and you’ll find dozens of tutorials.

*RSVP by adding your Twitter handle in a comment below to be eligible to win prizes!

Prize partners: Honest Tea, Kiwi magazine, Nature’s Path, Stretch Island Fruit, Revolution Foods, Angell Bar, Celebrate Green! & Lunchbots.

(One entry per handle. Most prizes will ship only to the continental U.S.; some may ship to Canada. If you cannot accept a prize, prize will be offered to another event participant.)

And check out our events page for more virtual and real-live events from now through Halloween!

103 Responses to “Join our #GreenHalloween #TwitterParty! 10/13/11”

  1. Anne Lehnick Says:

    I put a comment on the FB page note, but wasn’t sure if I did that all wrong, so I’m putting one here, too. Hope that’s not a problem. If so, please delete this one. Thanks! :-)

  2. Mo Fields Says:

    @mosunnydaze will be there! I’m looking forward to the party.

  3. Carol Goodwin Says:

    @HeartPine will be there!

  4. Anne Lehnick Says:

    Just noticed I didn’t add my Twitter handle in the blog comment (I did to the FB comment). It’s the first comment on the post.

    Anyway… @candyland0606

  5. Elizabeth C. Says:


  6. Stephanie H Says:

    @shebert610 will be there!

  7. Christina W. Says:

    @cloud2sunshine wants to be there!

  8. Ashley lloyd Says:


  9. Jennifer Says:

    Looking forward to it! @naturalluxe

  10. Jamie C. Says:


  11. Amanda B Says:

    @kidscostumeswap will be there on 10/13

  12. News Junkie Says:

    happy Green Halloween ! news_junkie

  13. Lauren Lawson-Zilai Says:

    @GoodwillIntl is proud to be a nonprofit partner for the 2011 #GreenHalloween initiative.

  14. Sandy @Modern*Simplicity Says:

    sounds fun! @modernsimplicty

  15. Julie Davis Says:

    I will be there @finntannermom

  16. saph @ frugal wife blog Says:


  17. Alivia Hunter Says:


    @LACostumeSwap will be there – I have college that night so I wont be able to stay online long. I’ll see if anther volunteer can take over for me after 6:30 pm

    I LOVE having twitter parties and really looking forward to Thursday.

  18. Amber Saxby Says:

    @amberesaxby will be in the house for an EEK-O-friendly extravaganza!!

  19. anne Says:

    see u there!

  20. Roxanne Says:

    Fun! @roxyinthegarden

  21. Robin O Says:

    I’ll be there! @rkosully Thanks for the fun!!

  22. Charity Says:


  23. Sally Duren Says:

    @mrstrophywife1 can’t wait!

  24. Emily @ Random Recycling Says:


  25. Amanda @beeacutie2 Says:

    Will be there @beeacutie2

  26. Meghan Says:

    Sounds awesome. Will be a little late but will be there @immortalb4

  27. Christine Says:

    RSVP :)

  28. Laura Evantz Says:

    I will be there! Can’t wait! @lauraevantz

  29. Drew Says:

    @eigenbroetler . Sounds fun!

  30. Robin Says:

    @rkosully Looking forward to it! What an amazing list of sponsors! #GreenHalloween

  31. Kimberly Stanford Says:

    @mommyconnectTN will be there!

  32. Shannon Schulte Says:

    @SweepsMama sounds fun!

  33. Shannon Says:

    @Shanshea I love this! Great sponsors :)

  34. amber Says:

    @aawhitehead thinks this sounds like lots of fun with great sponsors.

    Thank You.

  35. AmyK Says:

    @Akauz Thanks!!

  36. Alea Shinn Says:

    Sounds fun!! @alealshinn

  37. Ana Zambrana Says:

    @LucasitosMommy–see you soon!

  38. Tanya Bright Says:

    cool! @brightbirdsoap

  39. #GreenHalloween Twitter Party Extravaganza! Great Info, Fantastic Prizes! : The Smart Mama Says:

    [...] prizes, make sure you are following @GreenHalloween and then RSVP by leaving your Twitter handle here in the comments. Then, join us for the #GreenHalloween Twitter party on Thursday, October 13, 2011, [...]

  40. Agatha Says:

    Count me in!!!!! :) RSVPing

  41. jeannine m Says:

    i love these parties @mellanhead

  42. Paula Caudill Says:

    Sounds like a awesome party!! I’ll be there!! @sexyknickers68_

  43. Amanda @ The Eco-Friendly Family Says:

    @EFFBlog Sounds fun!

  44. Lisa Says:

    @mailgirl will be there!

  45. Kathy McCrae Says:

    RSVP add me! #GreenHalloween, thank you! —> @KatM21

  46. Amber Says:

    @AmberGoo will be there!

  47. Michelle L Says:

    @Mkokopelli will be there

  48. Bernie L. Says:


    Cant wait to join the party

  49. Karla Sceviour Says:

    I am from Canada..thanks.

  50. Erin ( Says:

    Can’t wait! @greenkidsguide will be there!

  51. Heather Zeh Says:

    rsvp for @hzeh818. See ya’ll tonight!

  52. Carla Says:

    RSVP @xstitchschool

  53. Kezia P. Says:

    RSVP for @KeziaPigford

  54. Miranda Johnson Says:


  55. Cindy Cowan Says:

    RSVP and can’t wait!! @cin_20

  56. Alicia Says:

    I’ll be there! Looking forward to it! :)

  57. Alicia Says:

    I’ll be there! Looking forward to it! :) @lili_katz

  58. Andrea @ The Greenbacks Gal Says:

    So glad I just saw your tweet about this! Look forward to attending!

  59. Cory Says:

    Eastern time?

  60. Cory Says:

    oh I see pacific.. I’ll try to stay up

  61. JoeyfromSC Says:

    Will be there!


  62. Danika @ Your Organic Life Says:

    I’ll try to be there.

  63. @ChaCha572 Says:

    RSVP as @ChaCha572

  64. Karns Says:


    Looking forward to the party tonight!

  65. shauna casolari Says:

    rsvp for @scasolari

  66. Cory Says:

    yes i’m going

  67. Cory Says:

    oh ok @aquarianbath is going

  68. petritia selvi Says:

    rsvp for @petritiasylves

  69. The Goodwill Gal Says:

    Party of one please. The Goodwill Gal


  70. Tiffany Says:

    @o0tiffyo0 will be there :)

  71. Lisa Borden Says:

    How could I miss an opportunity to help GREEN Halloween!
    In support,

  72. Lisa Borden Says:

    Oh – twitter handle –

  73. Daedra Says:

    Lisa Borden told me to come!

    Architect by training. Mother by choice. Creator of Strawesome Glass Straws by pure passion.

  74. Shelly Says:

    I want to #win @shelly05x

  75. Avi Says:


    parents can stay warm on halloween with some green tea in a travel mug! :)

  76. Sarah J. Says:

    @memama107 will be there! yay!

  77. Keya Millionie Says:


  78. Lien Says:

    @linging168 will be there!

  79. nina Says:

    looking forward to it :)

  80. nina Says:


  81. Tracy P Says:

    I’ll be there! @cloud10277

  82. Kathy K Says:

    RSVP’ing @Unkatchable73

  83. shruti Says:

    @shrutispeaks will be there!

  84. Nature's Path Says:

    We wouldn’t miss it! @NaturesPath

  85. Summer Says:


  86. Dana Says:


  87. julie (etsy stalkers) Says:

    Can’t wait to partayyy!


  88. Gretchen@HealthfulMama Says:


  89. Carrie Says:

    Can’t remember if I already RSVPed or not, so I’m doing it again! @huppiemama

  90. mom4everever Says:


  91. SunRae Says:

    rsvping @sunrae17

  92. Crunchy Con Mommy Says:

    I’ll be there as @CrunchyConMom :)

  93. Kellie Kluger Says:

    rsvp @keltom2

  94. Melissa Says:

    I’m @rmgm :)

  95. denaya Says:

    RSVP @NJchic28

  96. Sadie Says:

    RSVP @OhioCatfish

  97. Kathleen Says:


  98. @lovinmomma88 Says:

    RSVP :) at party @lovinmomma88

  99. Patricia Alner Says:


  100. Michelle @ Simplify, Live, Love Says:

    @simplivelove is there!

  101. Katie Says:


  102. Laura Perkins Says:

    Joining late!

  103. corey Says:

    Thank you so much for coming to the party everyone! What an amazing event it was! Thank you for all of your idea and input. It’s truly incredible to know how many fun ways there are to make this holiday healthier and more sustainable.

    If you missed some of the conversation, be sure to search for #GreenHalloween and twitter – where you can find all of the great tips & tricks that were shared.

    Congratulations to our prize winners! And be sure to check in on our blog DAILY through October as we have green giveaways every day through Halloween.

    Hugs, Corey