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Quick Halloween Party Trick

"Halloween Party Trick."

Put a blindfold over guest's eyes for an ooooey, gooey Halloween surprise!

To make any kid’s Halloween party a bit more fun and interesting, spice it up with a little game.  Set out bowls and trays full of different textured items such as, peaches from a can, jello, and yogurt.  Have each kid take a turn being blind-folded as you guide them over the table to feel out each type of food and texture.  I guarantee you’ll get an “ewwwwww,” reaction when syrupy canned fruits feel like brains and other disgusting images the mind can conjure.  Meantime, the other kids will be giggling and laughing at this simple, old fashioned game.  Once the blind-fold is off, the player will giggle at how their mind played a silly Halloween prank on them.

Blogger Laurali Star owns her own little shop on The Damsel in the Attic!

Green Halloween® is a nationwide non-profit initiative started by mother-daughter team Corey Colwell-Lipson and Lynn Colwell. In 2010, Green Halloween became a program of EcoMom® Alliance and has events in cities across the U.S.

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