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Green Halloween contests

Stop by our kids page and check out our current contests as well as our “winners circle” featuring results from challenges such as the ChicoBag trick-or-treat design contest.

Current contests include our CODE Apparel t-shirt design contest. The chosen design will be printed on ethically sourced, organic t-shirts and some will even be hidden around the country only to br found through Geocaching! It’s a Green Halloween-Contest-Treasure Hunt.

Starting on October 1st, your child can also sumbit photos displaying his or her pumpkin-carving talents. This contest is hosted by Crayons Beverages, our national sponsor. The artist behind the chosen photo will win a Razor scooter and Crayons Beverages for a year!

There are also lots of contests featured elsewhere online. This one will feature photos of your handmade costume creations.

Send us your photos as well! We’d love to see ‘em.

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