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Halloween-Goodwill Style

By Corey

Did you know that Americans will spent 1.75 Billion dollars on Halloween this year? That is a lot of green. We’ve come up with a way to have fun, look great, and keep some of that green in your pocket. Your local Goodwill store is an amazing resource for all things Halloween!

Have you ever felt like running away to join the circus? Don’t let the high prices of Halloween costumes scare you….just head to your local Goodwill and pick up an adorable costume at an affordable price. Our 1940′s model above is wearing Goodwill from hat to boots and everything in between. Her entire outfit came to less than $20.00!
Every vintage circus needs a ringmaster. Lion tamers are a MUST!Not only is she an amazing acrobat….she sells popcorn on the side….

Every circus needs a carnie to help out. I picked up a tattoo sleeved shirt, some bottom grillz and a newsboy cap for a song! This Halloween avoid the retail circus and head to your nearest Goodwill! Head over to for more Halloween ideas.

We are so fortunate to be able to work with Goodwill International
on making every year a Green Halloween.

5 Responses to “Halloween-Goodwill Style”

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    [...] hand out organic candy? Have your kids make their owncostumes from what youve got on hand, or even second hand? Whip up your ownface paints to avoid chemicals in commercial brands? Honestly, none of this takes [...]

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    [...] out organic candy? Have your kids make their own costumes from what you’ve got on hand, or even second hand? Whip adult your own face paints to equivocate chemicals in blurb brands? Honestly, nothing of [...]

  4. martine Says:

    My love for playing dress up began in my youth (over 40 years ago) when I would spelunk in to the dress up bin (then, a collection of family cast offs) to re ceate myself to suit my mood.

    I never outgrew it and I have been a professional costumer for over 25 years.

    It goes without saying that I have trolled thrift stores for THOUSANDS of hours hoping for fabric treasures, and have OFTEN come home empty handed.

    It also goes without saying that I am both delighted and saddened by the easy avaiability of the flasy costume market we have today. I would have given my soul to walk in and grab and go… but the truest “COST” would have been to my creativity.

    Be quite aware shoppers, you will -not- ~REALLY~ save money by thrifting for costumes (UNLESS YOU GET UNUSUALLY LUCKY) when one considers the elements of time and gas and trila and error. The off the rack costumes CAN be cheaper in fact.

    But you WILL save the planet from a few more ‘new product’ petro chemicals and possibly your brain cells from synthetic made craptastic fumes.

    -MY- experienced TIP… go with the openest of minds.

    Dont go in -expecting- to walk out with 4 kids clothed for the 3 rings, or whatever.

    Divine the racks with your creative dousing rod and see what thoughts they inspire.

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