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Eek-o-fabulous upcycled Halloween art/decor

We adore people who make ingenious use of items that would normally be tossed. But when the “new” items being made have Halloween themes, our adoration is upgraded to LOVE.

Check out artist Tina Wick‘s creative transformation of no-longer-wearable clothing into eco-fabulous decor and gifts.

Which is your favorite?


Skull coasters (In a previous life: men’s shirts)


Frankenstein (In a previous life: paper towel roll and fabric remnants)


Candy corn pillow (In a previous life: corduroy clothes)


Halloween wall hanging (Previous life: wool coat, wind breaker and linen shirt)

More eek-o-fabulous items from Tina can be found at:

2 Responses to “Eek-o-fabulous upcycled Halloween art/decor”

  1. Linda Miles Says:

    Reusable, recycled, treat bags are a great way to be green as well. After Halloween, they can be used for almost limitless purposes. Http://

  2. Lindsey Gorlich Says:

    I appreciate the above entry. It was mega cool.