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31 Days of {Green!} Giveaways: Day#19

Welcome to Day #19 of our

31 days of {Green!} Giveaways

Today’s question: What’s the best way to green your pumpkin?

*Attention Facebook fans: Please answer as a comment on our blog, not our Facebook page in order to be entered to win!*

Today is day #19 of our month-long, trick-or-treating party for parents!

Just knock on our door (AKA blog) each day, answer the daily question (in lieu of shouting, “Trick or treat!” – although you are totally welcome to write that as well) and you’ll be entered to win some absolutely fabulous, ever-so-eco-friendly prizes.

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2. Add a comment (one per e-mail address) with your answer to the question above.

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Good luck & have FUN!

(& See you tomorrow )

Green Halloween® is a nationwide non-profit initiative started by mother-daughter team Corey Colwell-Lipson and Lynn Colwell. In 2010, Green Halloween became a program of EcoMom® Alliance and has events in cities across the U.S.

38 Responses to “31 Days of {Green!} Giveaways: Day#19”

  1. Kirsten Says:

    Interesting question. My first thought was to make sure you make use of the whole the pumpkin insides and seeds. And essentially, that is correct and we do that. But then I read about donating your pumpkins to the zoos (if they want them) and composting them. Good question. It really made me think.

  2. robin Niezgoda Says:

    I give out natural foods/candy to trick or treaters.

  3. Jamie C. Says:

    My kids are grown. But I grow a dark orange variety of pie pumpkins,use them for my Halloween decorating….then use them for my fall cooking. I roast the seeds, too. The little bit of unusable pumpkin(stem, skin) goes in my compost pile. Now waste at all.

  4. rick Says:

    We make our own costumes out of things e have around the house or can borrow…no cheap platic costumes going to the landfill here.

  5. Robyn Says:

    We toss them in the back yard to feed the deer. If you are not lucky enough to have deer in your back yard, you can always find a farmer that will feed the pumpkins to their livestock.

  6. shauna Says:

    Use it all, and share with others

  7. cathy Says:

    Green our pumpkin? Eat it! Last year we didn’t get around to carving and made pumpkin seeds and pumpkin puree instead.

  8. Sarah J. Says:

    we buy from a local farm-use the seeds to make roasted pumpkin seeds-then compost it when we are done :)

  9. Angela Says:

    I wish I was savvy with baking – I’m not. So I either give it to a friend who is or compost it.

  10. Lien Says:

    Decorate instead of craving the pumpkin for Halloween. After the holiday, roast the seeds and use the flesh for baking or composting.

  11. helen Says:

    decorate, eat the insides then compost!

  12. Erin Ashworth Says:

    The best way to green your pumpkin is to buy a good edible one and decorate it with safe paints then use it to make something delicious like pumpkin muffins after Halloween.

  13. sharyn Says:

    If you get a real pumpkin, get it from your farmer’s market or local pumpkin farm. If you decorate your pumpkin (not carve it), you can easily cook it. Truthfully, since my kids are grown, we don’t get a pumpkin anymore, especially since I don’t eat pumpkin. When I was growing up, we used the same plastic pumpkin containers year after year until they fell apart!

  14. Stephanie Stoltenburg Says:

    We’ve been growing our pumpkins for years now. They are pretty easy to grow. We carve them, eat some of the seeds, and save the rest of the seeds to plant. We compost them all when Halloween is over. We also grow those tiny pumpkins the size of your hand. I think they actually a gourd. lol. But anyways we grow them and give them away instead of candy since we only get about 10 trick or treaters. Kids love them! They think they are so cute.

  15. Amanda K. Says:

    We buy from a local pumpkin patch, eat all the seeds, and compost after!

  16. Kristen M. Says:

    We are growing our own pumpkins this year. We will use them for decoration & eating. (I love the idea above of growing & giving out gourds!)

  17. Stephanie Says:

    Eat it and the seeds!

  18. Larisa Moore Says:

    We buy ours from a local farm instead of a chain grocery store, and compost it after Halloween. Instead of burning a candle in it and having to deal with wax (not sure if wax is compostable?), we use those little LED lights instead. Oh, and we roast the seeds of course!

  19. Keya Millionie Says:

    I use the insides.
    I always make sure to compost it after also I get them from local farmer.

  20. The Chocolate Priestess Says:

    We never make these because I see them as wasteful in a world where my next door neighbor might have difficulty feeding himself or her own kids every day. Instead we have ceramic and inflatable once I’ve had since I was a small child. I keep them and reuse them every year which means no waste and no more materials being used to make something new.

  21. Danga Says:

    We toast the seeds and munch on them and then after halloween we ut the pumpkin in the compost.

  22. Tom O Says:

    Eat the seeds..and compost the rest.

    Or paint them then wash off paint and eat whole pumpkin…mmmm real pumpkin pie

  23. Joan Says:

    Use the insides to make some grand ole pumpkin pie or pumpkin bread! Compost the rest!

  24. Kyle Says:

    Buy from a sustainable pumpkin patch like we are going to do this weekend!

  25. Heather Keane Says:

    We bought organic pumpkins this year and are going to decorate them with supply outside the pumpkinand then after halloween , I’m going to cut it up and roast it and then we will have it for dinner…;-)

  26. Karen Says:

    We use the pumpkin for decoration, carve it and roast and eat the seeds. The pumpkins that don’t get carved are buried and used to grow new pumpkins for next year.

  27. Laura R. Says:

    We’ve been getting the small pumpkins every year instead of the giant ones, and then we dispose of them outside in our backyard so they can naturally decompose.

  28. sara Says:

    I give out healthy snacks every year on halloween and this year I have also decided to help with a great charity. Trick or Treat for America’s Toothfairy and help rescue children from preventable pain. Every $5 dollars donated provides a toothbrush, toothpaste, rinse and oral health education for a child in need. I had no idea that so many children suffered from tooth decay and feel like this is the perfect holiday to use to bring attention to the illness. Click the link below to find out how you can donate!

  29. Amber Saxby Says:

    Paint it w/green paint!!! J/K! We roast our seeds, use the pumpkin for cooking, and compost the rest!

  30. Amanda J Says:

    I have an old wooden Jack-O-Lantern that I use each year. It was made for me by a friend, and using it prevents me from having to buy a new pumpkin each year.

  31. Ashley LLloyd Says:

    We painted ours thus year then we are going to use the seeds and the pumpkin to make soups and more what ever sounds good when it’s cut up

  32. Alea Shinn Says:

    Painting it and then after the holiday is over – cooking the seeds and using the pumpkin for some delicious fall recipes – pumpkin soup and/or pie!!!


    (An awesome prize package to whoever wins – I really want a lunchbot!!)

  33. Dusten Says:

    We paint ours then parcel it out to cook with (pie, soup, and toasted seeds).

  34. Robin O Says:

    Visit a local farmer and pick pumpkins from the patch!

  35. Anne Lehnick Says:

    Well, we’re as green as we can get with it. We don’t even buy one. Our kids are little, so they don’t miss it. We’ll change the plan as they get older, but maybe we’ll buy sugar pumpkins for soup or something then.

  36. Amy J. Says:

    Eat as much of the pumpkin as possible! We save seeds for roasting and after scraping out the goo we continued to scrape pumpkin flesh off the inside before carving and cooked and pureed for pie, yum!

  37. monica Says:

    Congratulations to Dustin, our winner for Day #19 of our 31 Days of Green Giveaways.

    Thank you for all the great ideas on how to green your pumpkin. Buying local organic pumpkins (that you can decorate and eat) is a great way to be eco at Halloween.

    Please check back daily for more fun green giveaways all month long.

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