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How to Make Your Own Bewitching Broom!

"Fairy Broom."

How to Make a Fairy Broom

Feeling crafty?  Gather the troops together to create your very own witches broom decoration for your home or porch!  Who knows, maybe there’s a little magic in the broom after all (wink, wink).

The how-to’s:

"Sticks and Twigs."

More than just your ordinary sticks and twigs create this magic broom!

"Fairy Broom Weaving."

Choose your sticks wisely then bind together with waxed linen over and over.

"Lavender Broom."

Lavender at the head of the broom adds the finishing touch!


For more about brooms, please check out Fairegarden!

Check out blogger Laurali Star at The Damsel in the Attic!


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