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31 Days of {Green!} Giveaways: Day#24

Welcome to Day #24 of our

31 days of {Green!} Giveaways

Today’s question: If you had one message for the makers of conventional Halloween “treats” what would it be?

*Attention Facebook fans: Please answer as a comment on our blog, not our Facebook page in order to be entered to win!*

Today is day #24 of our month-long, trick-or-treating party for parents!

Just knock on our door (AKA blog) each day, answer the daily question (in lieu of shouting, “Trick or treat!” – although you are totally welcome to write that as well) and you’ll be entered to win some absolutely fabulous, ever-so-eco-friendly prizes.

Today’s prize package is worth $46!

green party goods bio-d straws

From Green Party Goods, a box of 144 biodegradable, soy-ink straws (your choice of color) and a package of sustainably sourced Stripe Napkins. Value: $21. Ships to continental US only.


Surf Sweets
One pack of each Surf Sweets variety in an Eco-Friendly Trick-or-Treat Bag, along with other ghastly “green” goodies! $25 each  Continental US and Canada only.


Here’s how to enter:

1. Add your e-mail address to the comment login, below. (We cannot notify you if we don’t have your e-mail address!)

2. Add a comment (one per e-mail address) with your answer to the question above.

3. Comment must post before 11:59pm PST – TONIGHT

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Good luck & have FUN!

(& See you tomorrow )

Green Halloween® is a nationwide non-profit initiative started by mother-daughter team Corey Colwell-Lipson and Lynn Colwell. In 2010, Green Halloween became a program of EcoMom® Alliance and has events in cities across the U.S.



21 Responses to “31 Days of {Green!} Giveaways: Day#24”

  1. Sara P. Says:

    My message for the makers of conventional Halloween “treats” is: loose the high fructose corn syrup. We don’t need it!

  2. Erin Ashworth Says:

    More natural sweetners (like fruit, fruit sugars, or organic sugars/agave, etc), less manufactured junk food!

  3. Theresa R Says:

    If I had one message it would be, “Think about the children more and your bottom line less.” Keep it real and natural and we’ll buy it.

  4. Kirsten Says:

    Better packaging..more recyclable or biodegradable. There is a lot of plastic being thrown out at Halloween.

  5. Michelle L Says:

    Stop using artificial dyes and say no to GMO’s :)

  6. Alea Shinn Says:

    Please no more artificial dyes or high fructose corn syrup! Our kids health is very important to us!

  7. Amber Saxby Says:

    Do not worry so much about what good for you, natural ingredients cost and leave out all the artificial and HFCS’s. Consumers and parents will appreciate it more and be more apt to buy your product if we know you care more about the consumer than your bottom line.

  8. Rebecca O'Brien Says:

    There are great tasting natural healthier candy out there that aren’t terribly expensive to make. Please stop saying your for kids when you aren’t considering their health.

  9. Kyle Says:

    Over the next 5-10 years, create a gradual plan of action to reduce the amount of sugar in your candy and follow-through on your commitment!

  10. Joan Says:

    Here’s a scary Halloween fact you probably do not know about…

    The FDA acknowledges the possibility of insect and rodent pest contamination in food facilities and that not all indirect additives can be eliminated. Therefore, it has established a policy that permits acceptable levels of “filth.” Companies are allowed up to 4 rodent hairs per sample of chocolate.


  11. Henry Says:

    The sugar in all candies can be lowered. This does not mean replace it with artifical sugar. A child’s taste bud can adapt to the less sugary candies. If all companies follow the same “rule”, our kids won’t crave sugar as much.

  12. Robyn Says:

    Lay off the artificial dyes.

  13. Robin O Says:

    My message (or plea) would be: please don’t use any ingredients you wouldn’t want going into your own child’s body!!

  14. Jamie C. Says:

    Please use fair trade ingredients

  15. rick Says:

    Lose the artificial dyes and flavors

  16. shauna Says:

    If you can’t pronounce, it don’t add it and market it toward our children

  17. Chelle Says:

    I kind of feel like I’m repeating previous posters, but it’s true….I’m all for not adding fake colors. Totally not needed. My kids don’t care if the yellow is neon or not. Also, natural sweeteners would be a plus. And if at all possible recycleable containers or biodegradable packaging. Think they could do that? ;)

  18. cathy Says:

    Leave out the HFCS please!

  19. Laura R. Says:

    I’d love to ask for all-natural treats without potentially harmful dyes. It’d be a total bonus if they could all be healthy and qualify as a whole grain, fruit, veg, etc!

  20. monica Says:

    Congratulations to Kyle, the winner of Day #24. We loved your action plan.

    Thank you for all of your comments and the great ideas.

    Chck back for more giveaways the rest of the month. Happy Fall.

  21. Kyle Says:

    Wohooo! :) Thrilled to be the winner!