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Cool Green Halloween idea: Trick-or-Treat for TREES!

I just received an exciting e-mail from iMa, the founder of a non-profit called Seeing the Earth.

She’s come up with an eek-o-fabulous “treat” idea that your kids and your Mother (Earth) will love: TREES!

Here is how it works:

Adults buy “tree coupons” (bundles of 50 for $6 at .10 a piece) and give away to trick-or-treaters in addition to or instead of conventional treats. For each bundle sold, 50 trees are planted.

Isn’t that sweet?

Here is what the coupon looks like:

Trees for Treats Coupon copy copy

Want more ways to celebrate Halloween while doing good? Visit this page and let us know if you have ideas for more.

One Response to “Cool Green Halloween idea: Trick-or-Treat for TREES!”

  1. corey Says:

    P.s. It’s December now and I heard that they reached their goal of 10,000 trees!!