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We didn’t make the Today Show but….

by Corey

… We did make ‘em laugh.

Despite the truly incredible media storm surrounding the second annual National Costume Swap Day™ – with print, television, radio and online coverage in nearly every major market across the U.S. – we thought this year’s national coverage was likely over.

We were wrapping up as Happy Campers. We didn’t make Good Morning America (like we did last year) or another major morning show, but we were pretty darn over-the-moon about getting the word out about costume swapping via Real Simple, Family Circle and Kiwi magazines, MSN Money and many (many) more. Our goal of 100 registered swaps was blown out of the water with over 170 event registrations in the US and Canada. Some events were so successful that second and third swaps were planned for later in the month!

And although Halloween is just 4 days away, there are still more costume exchanges in the works.

But because the official National Costume Swap Day was actually on the 8th, we assumed (yes, I do know what this means), that there wouldn’t be any additional major PR coverage on this topic.

But last night came a treat.

Er, wait – a trick.

And I’m not sure we can call this “news” exactly, but as they say, “No PR is bad PR…”

“Environmentalism goes against everything Halloween stands for: Rampant consumerism and waste.” — Stephen Colbert

And (to quote another quote), “If you can’t laugh at yourself….”

We can definitely laugh at this one. At least it’s funny (unlike this wet blanket editorial).

(Stephen, just wait until you hear about what we’re doing with candy, face paints and decor!)

(Rockin’ the “swap talk”: Ciana Maglio, our Green Halloween® coordinator in Daytona Beach, FL on Fox News Orlando. )
National Costume Swap Day™ 2011 is a partnership of Green Halloween®, & Kiwi magazine

3 Responses to “We didn’t make the Today Show but….”

  1. Cory Trusty Says:

    I’m so proud of you Ciana! I feel like I am friend’s with a movie start now. LOL!

  2. 4 Tips for Halloween Green Style: without Toxins, Waste, and all other crapola | Practically Green Says:

    [...] Corey Colwell-Lipson and her mother Lynn Colwell launched Green Halloween in 2006 with the idea that a few other concerned parents might be interested in making Halloween more about safe, fun trick-or-treating — and less about junk food and “flammable plastic death trap costumes” (as Stephen Colbert calls them). [...]

  3. Sunflower Kernels Says:

    My spouse and i concur that there is about to have to be a number of realignment in MS’s part to keep up their own dominance. Yet I think you happen to be severely undervaluing your strength of MS’s position, nonetheless.