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5 Clever Ways to Recycle Fitness Magazines

I’m sure before you Discover more at My Fitness Hub for fitness exercises you start with reading magazines and happen to make a pile of it somewhere in your drawer. For your knowledge, Fitness Magazines are not just a great read: They can be reused over and over in several fun ways! Recycle Fitness Magazines


This New Year, why not kill two birds with one stone.  Keep your resolution for going green, getting the body you’ve always dreamed of or taking holiday weight off with fat burning pills, and organizing your paperwork, your life, and your home all at once.  You can start with that stack of fitness and health magazines that have been sitting in a pile and collecting an array of dust.  This month, check back every Wednesday to tackle one project at a time.

This Week:  Get in shape while reducing, reusing, and recycling!

Step One:  Magazine Subscription Insert Cards


Subscription Cards

Use subscription insert cards to blot lipstick! Keep stacks in your make-up organizer for ready use.



Step Two:  Donate Magazines

When finished with old magazines, pass them on to friends, family, or even your local doctor’s office to keep the ideas going and to inspire another.

Step Three:  Create a Fitness Scrapbook

When I’m completely finished with my fitness magazines I cut out the moves, ideas, inspiring words, and recipes into a personal fitness scrapbook.  I bought a journal for $5.00 at my local Big Lots, took a glue stick, scissors, stickers, and gems to create my work-out scrapbook on the cheap.


"Work-Out Journal"

My personal work-out scrapbook that I bought for a mere $5.00




"Workout Journal."

Recycle old fitness magazines by cutting out moves and recipes then using a glue stick to place them where you like then get ready to shape-up!


"Magazine Clips"

Old magazine clips have a wealth of routines, moves, and recipes!


"Work-out Scrapbook"

Creating your own personal scrapbook gives you time to research and reset your brain for easing into a fitness routine for the New Year!


Step Four:  Use Tear-Out Cards!

Take tear out cards and mix n’match by using a hole puncher and place them on a ring for quick and simple work-outs!

Step Five:  Cut and Paste low-cal Recipes on Index Cards

Be sure to buy an index card box too with a variety of colors then cut and paste your favorite healthy recipes.  Use a label divider to keep your recipes stored in order such as, breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, and smoothies.


"Subscription Cards"

Magazine subscription cards also make great bookmarks for the avid reader!

Blogger Laurali Star can be found on her blog, Charming Laurali Star, and on her site, The Damsel in the Attic, where she sells handmade and vintage clothing and accessories.  Another fab way to help reduce, reuse, and recycle!  Check it out!

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