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Sponsor Spotlight: Plum Organics

Are you looking for a healthy snack for your baby, toddler, or child that’s also eco-friendly?  If you are, Plum Organics is perfect for you! Founded in 2005, Plum Organics has been offering high quality health foods for newborns to grow up with for over 10 years. They believe the key to a healthy lifestyle is eating healthy right from the start.

Plum Organics believes that food should taste good, no matter what size your tastebuds are! Each product (either for babies, toddlers, and children) is made using only the freshest and purest vegetables, fruits, and grains. Plum Organics refuses to use any ingredients that aren’t certified organic and steers clear of all GMO’s. Their products are nutrient rich too, as Plum Organics understands that growing up requires a lot of energy! But why keep your child healthy if he or she doesn’t have a healthy planet to explore?

Plum Organics strives to leave a baby sized eco-footprint, focusing on reducing their impact on the environment by waste reduction and using less energy. B Corp certified, Plum Organics meets comprehensive standards based on social, environmental, and corporate responsibility. While their packaging may not be recyclable, it is still considered an eco-solution because it requires little time and energy to produce. Plum Organics may leave a small eco-footprint, but they are committed to leaving a giant impression on society.

Plum Organics’ program Full Effect is an initiative dedicated to fighting malnutrition, diabetes, obesity, and other childhood health problems Full Effect provides children across the country with healthy and nutritious food. Plum Organics also proudly partners with well known organizations like The March for Dimes, March for Babies, Healthy Child Healthy World, Baby Buggy, Stroller Strides, and Pregnancy Awareness Month to help ensure long and healthy lives for children all over the world. So if you have a young child and want to keep the planet in mind while keeping he or she healthy, start them off with Plum Organics!

By Peter Piscia

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No tricks, just treats!

For more info on Plum Organics and their full line of products, go to Check them out at and Twitter @PlumOrganics also!


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