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You’re Invited to a Twitter Party!

RSVP here for the Green Halloween & Veritey  Twitter Party!  

Date: Thursday October 3, 2013
Time: 9pm EST / 6pm PST
Hosts: @GreenHalloween, @Veritey, and @ Healthy_Child
Hashtag: #greenhalloween
Leave us your twitter handle and your email (we can’t notify you of what you won unless we can send you an email!) in the reply thread here so that we can let you know if you are a prize winner for the many prizes in our party. You must reply before 9pm on October 3rd to be eligible.Thanks to our partner, for sponsoring the event.
And, to be eligible for more Green Halloween prizes sign up for our healthy living newsletter all year long here.

For more twitter party details  follow us on Facebook at or Twitter @Veritey AND or Twitter @greenhalloween

83 Responses to “You’re Invited to a Twitter Party!”

  1. @idreamofjenn Says:

    RSVP @idreamofjenn

  2. amy Says:

    i’ll be there!

  3. @sweetmatcha Says:

    Can’t believe Halloween is around the corner!! Rsvp @sweetmatcha / @sweetmatchajail

  4. Gina Badalaty Says:

    Can’t wait! @ginabad

  5. @mummadear Says:

    RSVP @mummadear

  6. Jane Says:

    RSVP. @janeeric03. Can’t wait to join in

  7. @mom4everandever Says:

  8. Stephanie Ford-Smith Says:

    See you there! Crazy Halloween is right around the corner (: @MOMishStyle

  9. Ashleigh Gunter Says:

    RSVP: @SPN_Mom :-)

  10. @nicholemckinnon Says:

    rsvp @nicholemckinnon

  11. jeannine s (@mellanhead) Says:

    rsvp @mellanhead

  12. Angel Shearl Says:


  13. @Saving4Jewels Says:

    RSVP @Saving4Jewels

  14. Sarah Says:

    Looking forward to it! RSVP: @madeinusablog

  15. Tiffany Dover Says:

    rsvp @mrs_riot1

  16. Safeguarding Your Child’s Special Diet This #Halloween | Mom-BlogMom-Blog Says:

    [...] me on Thursday for the Green Halloween Twitter party, RSVP here for great prizes! Details: Date: Thursday October 3, 2013 Time: 9pm EST / 6pm PST [...]

  17. @sweetmatcha Says:

    rsvp @sweetmatcha / @sweetmatchajail

  18. Monica Fields Says:


  19. @leyn16 Says:

    RSVP @leyn16

  20. @mtdew4u707 Says:

    I sure hope to be there for an awesome party :)

  21. @mtdew4u707 Says:


  22. Cassandra Says:


  23. Michele C Says:

    RSVP @leohauoli

  24. Veronica Vasquez Says:

    RSVP @ChaoticKarma23

  25. Cindy C. @cangoNINNY Says:

    RSVP @cangoNINNY or @cangoninnyjail

  26. Arielle Says:

    RSVP @adblackf

  27. Amber Dunn Says:

    RSVP @TFTParenting

  28. Mandy Says:

    RSVP @treefairygirl

  29. Lori K. Says:

    RSVP @lorikeet8

  30. Jen Says:

    RSVP @tastefulychldsh

  31. Inna idelchik Says:


  32. @eseattlemama Says:

    rSVP @eseattlemama thank you!

  33. Jennifer Essad Says:


  34. @n210ss or @n210ss_jail Says:

    Looking forward to this party!

    @n210ss or @n210ss_jail

  35. Anita Utami Says:

    RSVP @AnitaUtami

  36. Thalia H Says:

    RSVP @t_ali_z

  37. nikki Says:

    rsvp @nikki2kids

  38. Heidimshaw Says:

    RSVP @heidimshaw

  39. Evelyn Says:

    RSVP @shopgurl or @shopgurljail

  40. monica C Says:

    rsvp @momtodanielle

  41. Anne Brock Says:

    Excited to share with other parents who want a #greenHalloween!

  42. Vanina Wolf Says:

    count me in!!! @AcuV

  43. erica weaver Says:

    rsvp@centralFLgal or @centralFLgaljL

  44. anna Says:

    RSVP @downtownoakpark

  45. Laurie Says:

    Looking forward to it! @LSAS1

  46. Julie Says:

    thank you for entering me for the contest

  47. @AmyBizzarri Says:

    RSVP @amybizzarri

  48. Christine M Says:

    tubbytelly at gmail dot com

  49. Julie Says:

  50. editor Says:

    Hi Julie, to enter you need to put down your twitter handle. Thanks!

  51. Michelle Says:

    @queentob RSVP!

  52. Heather Says:


  53. Melissa H. Says:


  54. Holly Says:


  55. Holly Says:


  56. Lisa Beckley Says:


    Can’t wait!

  57. @frugaliscious Says:

    RSVP @frugaliscious see you all there!

  58. Lisa Puckett, @mcgraw14me Says:

    RSVP @mcgraw14me or @mcgraw14me_jail

  59. Nadine S. Says:

    Twitter: @BoomersNadine

  60. @JosephMillman Says:

    @JosephMillman Can’t wait for some healthy Halloween tips. Thank you Veritey!

  61. Ben Duncan Says:

    RSVP @ben_duncan1234

  62. @melinda74 Says:

    rsvp @melinda74

  63. Jennifer Says:


    Hoping I am able to follow the feed tonight. They always move so quickly.

  64. Becky Says:

    Looking forward to it! @craftygrdenmama

  65. Rona B Says:


  66. Toni Says:

    RSVP @rychepet or @rychepet_jail

  67. @mommy3sons Says:

    RSVP @mommy3sons

  68. @sfj49 Says:

    RSVP @sfj49

  69. Alivia Says:

    Surrounded by all of the loveliness of Halloween for the Green Halloween Twitter Party! I’m wearing my best virtual costume! ;)

  70. Julie Macier Says:

    This sounds like a lot of fun!! I will be there!! My twitter handle is @SuperTronsMom

  71. Yolanda Flores Says:

    RSVP @yolirealtor or @yolirealtor2

  72. @stacey5656 Says:

    RSVP @stacey5656

  73. SuNui Says:

    @LaDietaRenal I will be there

  74. Natalie Says:

    So excited you’re doing this !!!!! We are on the same mission

  75. @geekdad248 Says:

    RSVP @geekdad248

  76. Lori Leal Says:


  77. Renée mayberry Says:

    Wouldn’t miss it!

  78. Julie Says:


  79. Justin (@justints21) Says:

    rsvp @justints21

  80. @RMayyb Says:

    Candy day approacheth

  81. Melissa Finn Says:

    Rsvp. Twitter handle @MelissaFinn

  82. Julie Macier Says:

    I enjoyed trying to keep up with all of the tweets. This was my first Twitter party, so I am not sure I did it right. Started off mostly reading lots of tweets, but then figured out how to reply, re-tweet, and participate. Even marked some of my favorites. It was nice to see ideas from eco minded people like me who don’t want to put poisons in our kids bodies. I thought it was fun!! Thanks for organizing this!!

    PS-I tweet as @SuperTronsMom

  83. Betsy Says:

    RSVP for@ MenuTrinfo