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Reverse trick-or-treating

Action: Reverse Trick-or-Treating

ChocolateCo-op America is once again teaming up with our allies at Global Exchange to support reverse trick-or-treating, the new Halloween tradition of children handing Fair Trade chocolate back to their neighbors.

The candy is attached to a card that includes information about social and environmental justice issues in the cocoa industry and how Fair Trade chocolate helps farmers across the world in cocoa growing communities. Last year more than 47,000 households learned about Fair Trade chocolate thanks to Fair Trade trick-or-treaters.  With your help we can reach even more people this year. This is a great way to speak with your neighbors about the scary side of the chocolate industry and the promise of Fair Trade!

You can order the free Fair Trade chocolate kits from the reverse trick-or-treating Web site, and if you choose to participate, please note that you were referred to the program by Co-op America. (The last day to sign up is October 13.)

You can learn more about Fair Trade and the problems in the cocoa industry (and download a free copy of our Guide to Fair Trade) by visiting

Order a free reverse trick-or-treating kit »

P.S. When you purchase a Halloween item (mini-bars or foil-wrapped chocolate balls) from our Green Business Network member Divine Chocolate, Divine will donate 10 percent of the value of the sale back to Co-op America. You can support Fair Trade and Co-op America at the same time! (Enter the coupon code “COOP” when you place your order.)

Note from Corey: This article was reprinted with permission from Co-op America. I ordered my free Kit today and will let you know how it goes! For more on trick-or-treating for good initiatives, click here.


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