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The Sugar Sprite & the gift of magic


Apropos of a previous entry (see “Gifts for the ‘ol Switcheroo”) I thought you might like to read the following, contributed by Sonya Bingaman, owner of one of my favorite online boutiques, A Toy Garden.


Remember that it doesn’t matter who you invite to “recycle” your child’s candy (be it the Halloween Fairy, Great Pumpkin or Sugar Sprite), or what stories surrounding this magical moment that you tell to your child. The magic is in the telling, and in the surprise of finding something new where something else once was, and of course, in the believing.


As the weather becomes colder, the Sugar Sprite requires more sugar to keep warm than she needs in the summer months. So, on Halloween, children dress up in costumes and go to their friends’ and neighbors’ houses to collect candy for the needy sprite. Although they do sample some candy along the way while walking around in the cold night air, Sugar Sprite children place their candy at the foot of their beds (or outside the front door, etc.) before going to sleep. During the night, the friendly Sugar Sprite comes in, takes the candy and leaves a gift of thanks. The Sugar Sprite knows what all children like, but sometimes the children write letters or make pictures for the sprite about a week before Halloween so she doesn’t get confused (she has to visit a lot of children to collect enough sugar for the coming winter!)


We’re ¬†eager to hear your stories of the Season, be they magical, entirely real or some combination of the two. E-mail us today.

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