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On the search for a theme song!

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Green Halloween is currently hosting a contest to find the perfect theme song. The winning piece will be used on GH’s websites, opening and ending in various video projects, as well as background music for presentations and/or slideshows.

What we’re looking for:

We’re looking for a jingly type song. Up tempo. Approximately 1-2 minutes. It can have a childlike feel, but our audience is moms of children to about age 10, so the song should not be aimed at kids. Please check out our website, to learn more about the various aspects of what we do. We are totally focused on the positive, i.e. we are NOT taking candy away from kids on Halloween, but encouraging moms to consider healthier alternatives (i.e. organic candy, treasures, making costumes, composting uneaten candy and pumpkins.)

Oh and we are open to songs with and without lyrics. We’ll know it when we hear it!

Submit your entries here and click to hear all the contest entries!

Contest ends soon so submit your entries!!

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