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Halloween Crafts: Handmade Fridge Magnets

Looking for a fun way to decorate your fridge this Halloween? Check out these cool eye magnets by Jojo from A Bit Of This and A Bit Of That.

We love the concept and think these simple, do it yourself magnets are perfect as Halloween decoration! Supplies you will need are as follows:

  • glass pebbles
  • strong magnets
  • old magazines
  • scissors
  • suitable glue
  • and of course, pictures of eyes!

Cut out the picture of the eye you want to use and glue it to the back of the pebble. Jojo recommends finding a picture that is large enough to fit the entire glass pebble! After the glue is dry, stick a magnet on the back of the pebble and voila! You have instant Halloween decorations that will sure put a scare to anyone who’s reaching for the contents of the fridge in the middle of the night!

For more unique and interesting crafts, check out Jojo’s online shop as well as her official website Jojoebi Designs!

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