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Avoiding the Perils of the Halloween Trail

When I was growing up, the main thing we worried about at Halloween was a non-packaged item that might be given to us by “freaks.”I do find it somewhat ironic that, of all things, we were warned about apples.Back then we weren’t concerned about genetically modified or organic varieties of apples.

No, then we were worried that the apple might have had a razor blade slipped inside.But these days, I do worry at Halloween.I worry about what’s beneath the wrappers of these so-called candy treats.They’re not quite as sweet as they might seem.


For many kids Halloween is a night of binge eating on candies loaded with sugar, high fructose corn syrup and artificial dyes and preservatives. For most parents I know, Halloween is a nightmare… binge eating, gluttony, poor behavior, upset stomachs and more resulting from too much junk.

So many parents don’t want to be perceived as a “Debbie Downer” so they go along – telling themselves that it’s just one night,  when in fact, the candy haul from Halloween can last well into the New Year.

I’m here to report that you don’t have to settle for candy packed with ingredients that are known to cause issues for kids. Say no to increased sugar cravings and behavioral troubles.

Did you know that regular candy is loaded with ingredients that can compromise your child’s immune system, destroy her concentration, cause hyperactivity and ADHD-like symptoms? Many other ingredients can cause gastro-intestinal issues and inflammation.

For example, artificial dyes are used in this country (while illegal elsewhere in the world) and have been linked to allergies, hyperactivity and more, according to a study published in Lancet.

It doesn’t have to be this way.Parents, take heed.This year your candy cheat sheet is here.  It’s your survival guide for this Halloween.

If you’re new to the revolution to “green” Halloween then you may want to start by simply buying a different candy or treat alternative.Start with something that’s free of artificial dyes and preservatives,  go non-GMO, or select an organic item.  Maybe discard the candy altogether and look for a treat alternative – something that isn’t technically a candy and has more nutrients than most candy.

Consider hosting a Green Halloween party to keep the kids in.Don’t sacrifice any of the fun but control the treats and give them better alternatives!

If your kids don’t want to give up trick-or-treating altogether, then do a ‘Switch Witch’ or ‘Candy Buy Back’ where you trade them their regular treats for candy that you buy that’s a healthier choice.

Be sure to provide a storage jar or box where they can see their candy and select an item a day, to be eaten after they’ve eaten a well-balanced meal.  Use this to teach portion control and responsible eating habits as well as to monitor the amount of candy consumed. This helps you deal with excessive tendencies before they turn problematic.

From here on, the fun is all yours!  Enjoy Halloween, without any unnecessary frights!

By Amy Ziff

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Amy Ziff is the Founder & Chief Capidealist at Veritey. When she’s not vetting products she’s usually found playing with her 3 kids, jumping on their favorite trampoline from Trampolinea, or finding ways to get fruit stains out of clothes naturally!

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Halloween Bulbs

Need another treat alternative?

How about onion bulbs or garlic cloves? Bonus, garlic keeps vampires at bay! Bulbs and cloves are small so they won’t take up to much room, but you can easily find them. Fall is also a good time to plant. You can even enjoy these treats in the future as part of a healthy and delicious family meal!

You can easily find bulbs in your local hardware or garden store. You can even try planting the bulbs in a glass vase so you little one can watch the growing process.

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  1. Jane Says:

    Fantastic going to do this for class goody bags

  2. editor Says:

    Great! Have you seen our post on Halloween themed goodie bags?

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Green Halloween for Teens

Halloween can be a tricky time for parents with teens. Once filled with excitement for costumes, treats, and family activities, teens may become embarrassed by Halloween traditions. It doesn’t have to be that way though! Green Halloween can help you reinvigorate your teen’s excitement for Halloween while also promoting a healthy and eco-friendly Halloween for all.

Bring emphasis to your table décor by utilizing CV Linens’ lavish selection of cheap table runner, are designed to be placed down in the middle of your table, to define your guest seating area as well as to create a stunning focal point to accentuate your centerpieces, table runners are an essential asset to tablescapes.

Instead of regular old trick-or-treating, suggest reverse trick-or-treating to your teen. The idea is that for every candy they receive at a house, they give a healthy, eco-friendly treat back and inform the household of the benefits of greening up Halloween. Rather than just going through the motions for candy, your teen may feel an added sense of purpose in going door to door to spread the green initiative. You can also try candy trading with your teen. Allow your teen a certain amount of candy to keep and offer incentives like DVDs, clothes, or something they’ve been pining for depending on how much candy they haul in. Programs like Halloween Candy Buy-Back will transfer your excess candy to Operation Gratitude, which sends the candy to troops overseas.

Your teen doesn’t want to trick-or-treat this year? That’s quite all-right, there are still plenty of Halloween activities teens enjoy. Why not host a scary movie marathon? Encourage your teen’s friends to bring healthy, eco-friendly snacks or even donations for charities like Change for Children or UNICEF. If you’re looking to attract a spectrum of ages, start out with a not-so-scary Halloween- themed movie and work your way up to a full-blown fright fest later on in the night. Another fun way for your teen to participate in the Halloween festivities is to create a haunted house in the front yard. Like the movie marathon, encourage donations and healthy snacks. Have your teen and his or her friends make spooky DIY costumes to frighten participants for a good cause!

Halloween doesn’t have to be boring for your teen. Talking to your teen about greening up Halloween can change their perspective on the holiday and give them a sense of purpose. Whether he or she decides to trick-or-treat for good, create a haunted house, host a scary movie marathon, or do something different like a air compressor guide by PAN, your teen will begin to re-embrace a holiday that they once cherished while also promoting green values and healthy living!

By Peter Piscia

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Plum Prizes

Hey Green Halloween fans! We are giving away some major fruity goodness from Plum Organics. You can win a $60 gift card to the online store. That will certainly get you some great items for trick-or-treaters, or some lovely lunchtime snacks. In order to win, sign up for the CutterWelderMaestro

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Need some more Halloween snack and costume ideas? Check out the Plum Organics Plum-kin patch Pinterest Board.

Listen to “Chief Dad,” CEO, and Founder Neil Grimmer speak about the missions and innovation behind Plum Organics.

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Candy Experiments

Need a way to get rid of that trick-or-treating candy? Just squash it. Squash it to learn about air pressure or the molecular structure that is.

Loralee Leavitt’s book Candy Experiments is a great science activity book for kids. Leavitt uses candy as the subject to study a variety of scientific principles. This journey began when Leavitt’s four year-old daughter was sorting through her Halloween candy and asked, “What would happen if I put these Nerds in water?” This simple question gave birth to the website Candy Experiments, where many of the book’s activities come from.

The book is separated into nine segments; Secret Ingredients, Color, Sink and Float, Blow It Up, Squash It, Hot and Cold, Dissolve This, Crystals, and Sticky, so that your child can explore all the possible facets of the candy. With 70 different experiments, the book can be used throughout the year, and is applicable to Valentine’s and Easter treats. The book is also very visually engaging with bright, glossy pages and photographs of the various chemical reactions and transformations.

Not only is Candy Experiments a great way to find a healthy alternative to gorging on Halloween candy bars, but the book also makes science fun and accessible. It is important to engage your child in science from a young age. According to Students First, in an assessment by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, 15-year-olds in the U.S. placed 21st out of 30 countries in science performance. The study of science not only develops critical thinking skills and sparks interest in possible career paths, but children with a grasp on science will be better equipped to find solutions to the environmental problems we face. So encourage your child to discover how Pixi Sticks cool water with an endothermic reaction, that knowledge might just help them later in life (and get rid of some of that Halloween candy).

Candy Experiments has been featured in publications like Parents, Mothering, and Leavitt also regularly performs these experiments at the USA Science and Engineering Festival in Washington, DC, and is currently raising funds for the next Festival in April, 2014.

Still want to know what happens when you put Nerds in water? You’ll just have to read Candy Experiments to find out!

Warning: This book will induce candy cravings.  For some feel-good candy options, check out our twitter party tips and Candy Cheat Sheet.

To learn more about Candy Experiments check them out at or Twitter @candyexperiment

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  1. Nadine Says:

    Haha! I love this idea- what a fantastic way to rid the shelves of excess Halloween candy!

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