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Carton Castle

Saturday, September 14th, 2013

Happy Saturday!

Hopefully you and your little rascals have room for some playtime today (and you have time to do some errands). Here’s a great weekend afternoon activity – a milk carton haunted house!  The great thing about this project is that your structure can be any style you desire. Architecture nerds, go crazy! I am hoping to make a Hogwarts inspired castle. You can also incorporate toy cars, LEGOs, or other figurines.

You’ll need:

- Empty cardboard milk cartons
- Newspaper, origami paper, or pages from a novel
- Card stock or watercolor paper
- Pens and paint of your choice
- Glue stick
- Craft glue
- Candy


- Thoroughly rinse and dry milk cartons.
- Completely cover cartons in paper.
- Draw windows and doors onto card stock and paint. Cut them out and attach to the front of the milk cartons.
- Fill cartons with candy.
- Use craft glue to seal containers closed.

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This activity comes from the blog Little Lovely. Thanks for the idea!

DIY: Eco-friendly Marble Run

Wednesday, August 11th, 2010

What child doesn’t love a simple yet fun game of marbles? I certainly remember playing with them myself when I was a wee tyke. So this marble run made 100% from an old cereal box from Made by Joel is a great way to provide your little ones with hours of entertainment. This a fun way to spend time with your kids as you make the toy together as a family activity, not to mention it’s environmental friendly since you’re recycling a used cereal box and creating a toy out of it! For directions on how to make one for yourself, click here.