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Handmade costumes for the whole family: The Odyssey

Thursday, October 20th, 2011

By Corey

My dear friend, Maria, recently posted this picture on her Facebook wall:

How CUTE are these family-made costumes (not to mention the kids!) ?!?

I just had to get the scoop…


Name: The Odyssey, Halloween Adventure!

Kids ages: Max 8, Dom 5, Sophia 3

Costume/s: King Menalaus (Max), Odysseus (Dom), Helen of Troy(Sophia)

Inspiration: We had read Black Ships Before Troy, a children’s version of The Odyssey that year and decided to play it up for Halloween!

Materials used: Cardbord and any clothes we had such as dress-up and old T-shirts along with markers, paint and a wagon.

Reaction from kids: They were thrilled to re-enact such a fun story, they were heros!

Family’s costume plans for this year: Rockstars using clothes and boots we have and some of moms make-up.

More from Mom: I love to incorporate things that the kids are learning/interested in to make a costume from so that it becomes a fun family project instead of just going out and spending a bunch of money on something new.

My husband is so creative that the kids end up winning the costume contests many years!

I like to turn Halloween into a time that the kids can join with us in being super resourceful and creative and see that we can use what we already have to make great costumes that are different than anything other kids have. It is such a great opportunity to teach and get creative together.

One year my son was so bummed that we were just making do, and he ended up winning the costume contest at school and becoming the true hero of all his friends. It was such a great lesson for him! Ever since, our kids ask, “what are we making this year for costumes” they don’t even think of going to buy anything!!

Is your family passionate about celebrating a homemade Halloween? Share your stories below.