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Electrolux Unveils Five Vacs From The Sea

Friday, March 4th, 2011

In an interesting twist on recycling, the company Electrolux has come out with five new vacuums created from plastic debris that was littered in the sea.  In an attempt to raise awareness about both littering and recycling, Electrolux has launched a new initiative with the vacuums called Vac from the sea.  It brings a refreshing and innovative touch to a cause I care deeply about, which is beach clean ups!  They actually hand collected pieces through beach clean ups in Hawaii, Sweden, France, Thailand, and Poland, many of which, were still covered with barnacles and annelid worms!

Recycled Vacuums Made from debris

Finally a vacuum that's Earth friendly!

Earth friendly Vacuum

A great use for beach clean ups!

To paint a less than pretty picture about the litter thrown into our oceans, one must first become aware of what this does to the animals that dwell there.  The plastic, often bleached by the sun and rotted by saltwater, is often swallowed by fish then past through the food chain going right back to harming humans.  In essence, by littering, were not only hurting the animals in the ocean but were hurting ourselves.  With Electrolux using technologies to recycle the litter, they feel they are bringing good karma to mankind.

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