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Freaky Fruit

Thursday, September 19th, 2013

Who says Halloween is all about the candy? We at Green Halloween want to share a little of nature’s candy with you. This is a fun way to introduce vitamin packed fruits into your child’s diet.


Use a vegetable peeler to take off this skin, leave a little for the little guy’s hair. Dig out seeds for the mouth, eyes, and head bolts. An oval cutter gives the eyes some depth. What a monster!

Screaming Bananas & Clementine Pumpkins

These treats are super simple!

Ghosts – Simply peel the bananas and slice in half. Add a chocolate chip (point down) into the banana as a mouth. Break off chocolate tips to use as the eyes. Or, melt chocolate and drizzle on the facial features.

Pumpkins – Peel the clementines then add a celery stalk as the stem.

Ghost Berries

Cover the srawberries with your favorite natural yogurt brand. Plain with a dash of honey or a vanilla flavor will complement the berries. Drizzle chocolate eyes and enjoy!

These ideas come from Little Inspiration and Tinkerbean

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