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Save money, reduce waste this Halloween with National Costume Swap Day™

Sunday, October 7th, 2012

By Corey & Lynn

If you’ve ever participated in any kind of swap, you know what a great feeling you get when you trade what you don’t want/need anymore, for something you do.

Well, multiply that feeling by the number of kids you have and add the fact you don’t need to spend any money and you’ve got a great experience coming up when you participate in National Costume Swap Day™!

The idea for National Costume Swap Day came to us three years ago. Within weeks, we’d registered swaps all across the country (and Canada!). That launch made such a huge splash that we even had a segment on Good morning America.

Last year, the number of swaps grew into the hundreds and this year, under the leadership of Green America and in partnership with Kiwi magazine, it’s going to be bigger and better than ever.

Plus, for all our Canadian friends, this year kicks off National Costume Swap Day Canada.

So whether you’re planning a swap or want to find one to attend, check out the Costume Swap Day website and find out how to set up a swap, list a swap or seek out a swap near you.

Then mark your calendar and have fun!

(Note, if you’re busy on October 13, the official date of National Costume Swap Day, many swaps are taking place on multiple weekends or other days throughout October.)

What do YOU think is the best part about swapping?

Originally posted on the Celebrate Green! blog, image courtesy of Holli Dunn Photography

Lynn Colwell and Corey Colwell-Lipson are mother and daughter and authors of  Celebrate Green! Creating Eco-Savvy Holidays, Celebrations and Traditions for the Whole Family, and founders of Green Halloween®.

National Costume Swap Day: One Mom’s Story

Tuesday, October 19th, 2010

Guest post by: Jennifer Crawford, Founder & Owner at Gaia’s World Fun Center ( and host of a National Costume Swap Day event in Federal Way, WA

I found Green Halloween® on my own journey with Gaia’s World (a seed company working to build the first Eco-friendly children’s play center in our region).

When I learned of Corey and Lynn’s concept for a costume swap, I believed this was an awesome project that followed the Gaia philosophy of reducing waste, reusing and recycling items to improve wellness and our impact on the environment.  So I JUMPED at the opportunity to help in the National Costume Swap Day campaign.

With Green Halloween promoting the event nationally, all I had to do was register my own swap, find a location, and then tell lots of people about it.  I found the Federal Way Farmer’s Market was a perfect spot at The Commons Mall, and the owners of the market graciously donated booth space for our swap.

I was so excited about the concept I made fliers and handed out at networking events, elementary schools (after getting permission), anywhere that would take them.  I also posted on all my social media outlets, advertised in our community paper and calendars, notified local PTA’s, Girl Scout troops, and other organizations.

The day of the swap came and despite the weather, we had a great time and a great response.  Most families found this program beneficial financially and loved the ‘green’ education that complimented the swap.  My troop helped with our booth signs and made a board showing all the healthier choices parents can use to promote a greener Halloween.  We had crafts and handed out treats for every swap, and the joy on children’s faces to see their next ‘character’ they will portray this year was simply priceless.

People were so excited about this event I was asked for an encore the next two weekends.  I plan on meeting that demand and doing the same thing next year since this was such a success.  Even my own children, who helped at the booth, couldn’t make up their mind what they wanted to be this Halloween when they saw all the options they had. My daughter swapped her costume four times and my son twice as their imaginations lead their choices.

My only recommendation to others interested in hosting a swap would be to make sure if you can get help to get the word out, do so.  I was able to do much of this alone, yet I still needed others to share and spread the benefit of this event.  I can only imagine how much more we could have done for the families in our community if I was able to reach farther and truly saturate our area.  It does take time and some money to make fliers, the boards, and coordinate games or crafts, but if you are creative to find a means to do this without expense to yourself, the better.

As for Gaia’s World, we hope to continue to partner with Green Halloween in the future as we both believe our children can “Grow Green through Laughter, Knowledge, and Play.” :-)

Green Halloween® is a nationwide non-profit initiative started by mother-daughter team Corey Colwell-Lipson and Lynn Colwell. In 2010, Green Halloween became a program of EcoMom® Alliance and has events in cities across the U.S.

Bold, modern, green: Zid Zid Kid masks for Halloween

Tuesday, September 29th, 2009
We recently stumbled upon Zid Zid Kids‘ masks – and we fell instantly head-over-heels.
Not only are they absolutely gorgeous, they’re absolutely green AND fair. Handmade by artisans in Morocco, Zid Zid Kids masks are made from eco-friendly recycled cardboard (with an elastic string).
We have a feeling that these masks will be played with long past Halloween (and don;t be surprised if you are tempted to hang them on the wall).
Choose from elephant, bird, giraffe and lion. Available with or without cotton cape.
getImg.php 2

100% Cotton costume giveaway #2 (and winner announced)

Thursday, September 3rd, 2009

Using, we randomly chose our winner for costume giveaway #1. Congratulations to Wenonah for winning the first of three fabulous, 100% cotton Halloween get-ups for baby from Harrison’s Halloween Costumes.

Thank you, Harrisons for your contribution to the early Halloween fun!

Disappointed that you didn’t win?

Buy your own Harrison’s costume here, or enter our second of three Harrison’s giveaways. Yes, we have more!

Here is the scoop:


Celebrate your baby’s first Green Halloween with an adorable, 100% cotton get-up from Harrison’s Halloween Costumes! Designed by a hip Californian mama looking for cute and spooky costumes for parents, grandparents, and gift givers with a sense of humor.

Five styles available:

“Frankenbaby” (cute Frankenstein)
“Dracula” Vampire
“Scary Spider”
“Witchie” girl witch dress
“Vampira” girl vampire dress

Sizes 0-6 months only.

How to win?

All you need to do is reply to this post. Easy!

Stay tuned for your third and final opportunity to win a Harrison’s costume. (We’ll also be announcing additional opportunities for more great, Green Halloween gear.)

Harrison’s Halloween Costumes are the only 100% cotton (non-petroleum-based) baby costumes that we’ve seen on the market. They’re available for sale at

For other safe, eco-friendly costume ideas, visit our costume page.

Winners chosen at random. Comments must be received by SEPTEMBER 18TH at 11:59am PST. Must be at least 10 entries. One per person, please.

Heads or tails? Eco-fab costume accessories that let kids go wild

Tuesday, August 25th, 2009


Oeuf is one of our favorite companies. Creating simple, sustainable, use-able products for house and home, Oeuf pleases people and planet for the holidays and every day.

They’re on our minds a lot these days; in fact we just raved about their new gorgeously green garlands on our Celebrate Green! blog.


But since this is a Halloween blog, and you’re here to gather pointers for making yours a green holiday, we’ll try to curb our enthusiasm and stick to the point: Oeuf’s mask and tail accessories rock.

Not only are they made from soft, safe, sustainable alpaca, they’re knitted in Bolivia by people earning living wages. All this and more is why you will love them.

But what about the kiddos?

Without so much as leotard and tights, pants and shirt or even a pillow case with holes for a head and arms, your little one will be transformed into a Wild Thing. (The kind that doesn’t have to go to bed without his supper.)

Which leads us to our last point: when it comes to costumes (and a whole lot of things, come to think of it), less can be more. (Does your child need to be enveloped in polyester buntings to look and feel like a real-life lion? No. And buying just the masks and tails allows your child to get creative with the in-between costume parts, too.)


Looking for something similar for your wee-wild-one?

Check out Oeuf’s animal hat and booties.


Are your kids not into the animals? Too old for the furry stuff? Check out these mean beanies, for Bat Boys and Bat Girls (slightly different styles). 100% alpaca and Fair Trade, but all your kids will care about is how to make their costume as cool as their hats.