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“Creativity Over Candy” Event in Mexico: La Calaca Festival

Saturday, October 6th, 2012

by Corey & Lynn

Want to know how the Mexicans spend All Soul’s Day and celebrate the dead? Some of our amazing friends from the original Green Halloween NYC extravaganza are hosting a dynamic, destination-driven event that demonstrates the “creativity over candy” model deliciously.

The La Calaca Arts Festival, taking place in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico (Nov 1-4, 2012), conjures themes of life and death, ancient and new, through art, music and culture.

Programming for the festival will take place at venues throughout the city over the four days, including a large interactive art exhibition in Parque Juarez for adults and children. During the day, lectures, workshops and guided tours of traditional altars, costumed processions and decorated cemeteries will be featured – along with installations and performances organized by local artists, non profits, and cultural institutions. In the evenings, visitors will experience the exquisite culinary options in San Miguel, while the world’s largest stringed instrument, the ‘Earth Harp’ is played in the city’s center. A large closing celebration featuring live musicians and performers – both local and international – will culminate the event on November 3rd.

Yep, you read that right. What a sweet treat: America’s Got Talent finalist, William Close (Earth Harp) will be performing for thee days during the event.

Follow La Calaca Festival on Facebook or check out


Lynn Colwell and Corey Colwell-Lipson are the mother-daughter team who launched the green holidays revolution. Co-founders of Green Halloween® and National Costume Swap Day™, authors of the book, Celebrate Green! Creating Eco-Savvy Holidays, Celebrations and Traditions for the Whole Family, speakers and brand strategists, their simple, practical, meaningfully green ideas have been featured in hundreds of outlets such as Good Morning America, NPR, Real Simple Magazine and Huffington Post. Lynn is also “Abba” to five, and Corey is “Mommy” to two. Follow the fun on Facebook or Twitter.

2 cool videos of New York City’s Green Halloween 2009

Saturday, November 7th, 2009

As seen through the eyes of photographer Peter Ruprecht

Video created by Lynn ( with Green Halloween’s founder, Corey.

Green Halloween for a Greener Apple (video)

Friday, November 6th, 2009

Filmed at our Green Halloween NYC Festival in NYC on Halloween!

Eco fabulous food, decor & more at the Green Halloween NYC kick-off soiree

Thursday, November 5th, 2009

As promised, here are some photos from last Friday night’s Green Halloween NYC kick-off party at OpenHouse Gallery.

Check out the amazing food… er, edible art… er, decor by Flavor Palette (sorry – no URL available).



IMG_2047 2





not mine

(Photo by Roy Reid/RFive Design)

The living and natural decor from grass “tablecloths” to vine (and bicycle wheel) chandeliers…








The stunning performances…


(Photo by Lenox Fontaine)


(Photo by Lenox Fontaine)

And , of course, incredible costumes (no one does it quite like New Yorkers!)






(Photo by Roy Reid/RFive Design)

For more photos, info on the event and the people behind it, check out this article on BizBash.

What did Corey wear for Halloween?

Tuesday, November 3rd, 2009

Thanks to a handful of generous designers and companies, my Halloween in NYC was not only fun, it was eco-fabulous!

Here is what I wore to the Green Halloween kick-off party on Friday night. (Clearly, I need a new pose.)

Lizzie dress

Wearing (and loving) Lizzie Parker – a Seattle local designer and amazing woman. I’m a huge fan. The outfit was not intended to be a costume, but for this photo I donned a black witch hat, borrowed from my daughter. Also wearing a necklace made of funky, upcycled materials and upcycled guitar string hoop earrings from Etsy. Not in photo – black Lizzie Parker cape and chocolate candy wrapper clutch from Ecoist.

coffee dress

That same night, I also wore “Coffee Couture” – Made by designer Susan Alveshere and loaned to me by A Masquerade in Bellevue, WA. The dress is made of hand-dyed burlap coffee bags (surprisingly un-itchy!), hand sewn coffee bean embellishments, and coffee filters (complete with a coffee filter flower hair clip). With Rainforest Native acai necklace and bracelets, MapleXO upcycled skateboard hoop earrings and bangles, Mohop sustainable wood wedge platform sandals, and Cosabella bamboo tank top. (See the exact dress on the runway here - page 24.)


On Halloween at the Green Halloween NYC family festival (with my mom and I and costumed friend, Leslie Bocskor), wearing rented (reused) dress, necklace and “windswept” mask courtesy A Masquerade.

We’ll be posting more news and photos from our time in NYC, but in the meantime, we’d love to hear from you… What did your family do for Halloween? What did your kids wear? What about you? Post comments below.