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Candy warning: Pirates Gold Milk Chocolate Coins and more

Wednesday, October 29th, 2008

There is a new warning put out by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency that Sherwood brand Pirate’s Gold Milk Chocolate Coins are being recalled due to the fact that they’ve tested positive for melamine.

These coins may be sold at Costco, as well as many bulk and dollar stores, specifically in Canada. has a page outlining additional candy products found to be unsafe by the US Food and Drug Administration and give more information on melamine and candy produced in China.

PLEASE let your friends and loved ones know.

For a list of our suggestions for treasures and healthy treats, click here.

Halloween puns

Wednesday, October 29th, 2008

A friend of mine recently signed off of an e-mail with, “Best Witches” and added this little character: <]; }

I thought it was so cute and apropos that I asked if I could borrow them.

You’ve also seen us using phrases like “to DIY for” and “eek-o-friendly” but I’m also a fan of “gourd-eously green”, “boo-tiful” and “no-cost-umes”!

Speaking of having fun… you and your kids might enjoy these Halloween jokes or search the Internet for more. Remember, you can make cost-free and healthy (non-edible) treasures for your trick-or-treaters by printing out some jokes on strips of recycled or tree-free paper, rolling into little scrolls and tying with Halloween colored thread or wool yarn.

What are your favorite Halloween puns and jokes?

As always, we’d love to hear ‘em!

Food allergies and Halloween – how to turn scary into sweet

Saturday, October 18th, 2008

For the 2.2 million kids (and growing) who have food allergies, Halloween traditionally presents a cauldron of concerns.

Exposure and ingestion of foods that trigger allergic reactions may cause severe physiological reactions – even death – so many parents of food allergic (and food-sensitive) children work hard to create non-food based Halloween traditions for their kids.

With the epidemic of food allergic and food sensitive children in America, it may be time to lean heavily towards handing out goodies that are “treasures.” Shiny stones, (recycled) spining tops and handmade friendship bracelets are treats all children can enjoy – whether they suffer from food allergies (or other health issues such as diabetes and obesity) or not.

Another idea is to hand out candy that is less likely to be allergenic, such as the confections from or, which are not made in facilities processing wheat, peanuts, milk or eggs.

And yet another option is to allow trick-or-treating, but afterwards have a “swap.” (Health-conscious parents may want to do the same.)

Swapping is simple: allow your child to trade some candy for a few pre-purchased or made treat or treasure items that won’t cause a problem. If you’d like, you can then invite the Halloween Fairy/Sugar Sprite/Great Pumpkin/ or Candy Witch to your home to take the rest of the loot – leaving another treasure behind (see previous posts here and here for more on this tradition).

How do you handle Halloween and other food-focused occasions?