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Healthy Eating: Rainbow Veggie Skeleton

Tuesday, October 16th, 2012

Every year at our daughter’s school they have classroom Halloween celebrations. Families are asked to send in a snack for the class to enjoy, thankfully in our school there is a requirement that half the snacks be healthy, this helps to balance out all the sweets. Being the “Today I Ate A Rainbow” family we always sign up for bringing in a healthy snack and this veggie skeleton is one of our favorites! The best part is when I pick up our platter at the end of the day it’s always empty while there are still trays of cupcakes and other goodies still uneaten!

Here are the simple directions to make a Rainbow Veggie Skeleton:

You’ll need the following items:

• Head of cabbage or iceberg lettuce
• Zucchini slices (rounds)
• Bell Pepper slices (cross-cut)
• Celery stalks
• Sugar snap peas
• Carrots (peeled)
• Broccoli florets
• Cauliflower florets
• Cherry/Grape Tomatoes
• Healthy dressing of your choice!
• Olive slices

Step 1. Line half of small bowl with lettuce for the skeleton’s hair; fill with dressing. Place at one end of large tray or baking sheet for the skeleton’s head.

Step 2. Cut vegetables the arrange them on tray to resemble skeleton’s body

* We added the fake spiders for a little extra fun :)

Halloween parties can have a balance of sweets and health…by spending a little extra time you can make veggies just as fun as any junk food! You can also get the best bow stabilizer.
Happy Healthy Eating,


Kia Robertson is a mom and the creator of the Today I Ate A Rainbow kit; a tool that helps parents establish healthy habits by setting the goal of eating a rainbow of fruits and vegetables every day. Kia is passionate about creating tools that help parents raise healthy kids!


31 Days of {Green!} Giveaways: Day#25

Tuesday, October 25th, 2011

Welcome to Day #25 of our

31 days of {Green!} Giveaways

Today’s question: Did you know that one in three trick-or-treaters who come to your door this Halloween are expected to develop diabetes in their lifetime?

*Attention Facebook fans: Please answer as a comment on our blog, not our Facebook page in order to be entered to win!*

Today is day #25 of our month-long, trick-or-treating party for parents!

Just knock on our door (AKA blog) each day, answer the daily question (in lieu of shouting, “Trick or treat!” – although you are totally welcome to write that as well) and you’ll be entered to win some absolutely fabulous, ever-so-eco-friendly prizes.

Today’s prize package is worth $34!

Today I Ate A Rainbow!

The Today I Ate A Rainbow kits gets kids excited about eating fruits & veggies!  Kit contains: An interactive chart that uses colorful magnets to track daily consumption of a rainbow of fruits & veggies, a color coded shopping list and a children’s book called The Rainbow Bunch. $25  Open to USA and Canada.

Orange Vapur

Orange Vapur anti-bottle at LiveGreene. Value $9. Ships to continental US only.


Here’s how to enter:

1. Add your e-mail address to the comment login, below. (We cannot notify you if we don’t have your e-mail address!)

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Good luck & have FUN!

(& See you tomorrow )

Green Halloween® is a nationwide non-profit initiative started by mother-daughter team Corey Colwell-Lipson and Lynn Colwell. In 2010, Green Halloween became a program of EcoMom® Alliance and has events in cities across the U.S.



Wal-Mart Launches Healthy Food Initiative

Monday, January 31st, 2011

Wal-Mart, the nation’s largest grocery chain, recently announced it’s commitment to healthy food at affordable prices.

In a speech by Leslie Dock, Wal-Mart’s Executive Vice President for Corporate Affairs, credit is given to First Lady Michelle Obama, and her “Let’s Move!” campaign for being “the catalyst” of Wal-Mart’s initiative.

The First Lady later takes the stage, praising Wal-Mart’s move as “a great victory” for families. (According to a YouTube news report, this is the first time that Mrs. Obama has ever publicly endorsed a private retailer.)

According to Sustainable Life Media, the “nutrition charter” is rooted in five components* aimed at making it easier for moms to afford healthy foods for their families:

  1. Reformulating thousands of everyday packaged food items by 2015 by reducing sodium 25 percent and added sugars 10 percent, and by removing all remaining industrially produced trans- fats. The company will work with suppliers to improve the nutritional quality of national food brands and its Great Value private brand in key product categories to complete the reformulations;
  2. Making healthier choices more affordable, saving customers approximately $1 billion per year on fresh fruits and vegetables through a variety of sourcing, pricing, and transportation and logistics initiatives that will drive unnecessary costs out of the supply chain. Wal-Mart will also dramatically reduce or eliminate the price premium on key “better-for-you” items, such as reduced sodium, sugar or fat products;
  3. Developing strong criteria for a simple front-of-package seal that will help consumers instantly identify truly healthier food options such as whole grain cereal, whole wheat pasta or unsweetened canned fruit;
  4. Providing solutions to address food deserts by building stores in underserved communities that are in need of fresh and affordable groceries; and
  5. Increasing charitable support for nutrition programs that help educate consumers about healthier food solutions and choices.
*Elements listed are directly quoted from Sustainable Life Media

Andrea Thomas, Wal-Mart’s Senior VP of Sustainability (with Wal-Mart nutritionist Megan Diaz), sharing ideas for how to make healthy eating affordable.

What do YOU think of Wal-Mart’s move?

p.s. We love Rodale’s ideas for how to “Be your own Wal-Mart.”


Green Halloween® is a nationwide non-profit initiative started by mother-daughter team Corey Colwell-Lipson and Lynn Colwell. In 2010, Green Halloween became a program of EcoMom® Alliance and has events in cities across the U.S.

Try the Pumpkin-O-Meter for a healthier Halloween

Thursday, October 1st, 2009

Untitled-3 copy

Kids may not understand the connection between calories and health but they do understand fun.

So make the connection fun and educational with this interactive “Pumpkin-O-Meter” sponsored by

What to do after the calorie counting is through? Click over to for great tips and tools on staying healthy all year ’round.