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Juicing – A great way to get a lot of colors in your diet!

Monday, February 13th, 2012

Our family watched a documentary last year that really inspired us to want to try juicing, that documentary by Joe Cross, is called Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead.  So we started saving up to buy a juicer and this January it arrived and with it a whole new world of juicing!  Our daughter wasn’t too thrilled with our first attempts but we kept trying new combinations and added more sweet produce like beets, carrots and apples and now she can’t get enough of our juice.  We also make them into popsicles which she loves.

This was my breakfast this morning…mmmm it was delicious and quite filling! As much as we strive to eat a lot of fruits and vegetables there’s no way I’d eat this many in one meal!

This particular combo had apples, carrots, beats, kale, celery, cucumber, baby spinach and red lettuce.

We’re really excited for all the new combinations that we can try this summer when we are once again surrounded by a bountiful supply of fresh produce!

Happy Healthy Eating,

Kia Robertson

Kia Robertson is a mom and the creator of the Today I Ate A Rainbow kit; a game that helps parents establish healthy habits by setting the goal of eating a rainbow of fruits and vegetables every day. Kia is passionate about creating tools that help parents raise healthy kids