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Make a Halloween goodie bucket with built-in meaning

Tuesday, October 6th, 2009


Finding just the right Halloween “goodie bag” is a cinch when you make one yourself (with or without your child’s help depending on her age and inclination), from items you have around your home.

This one is special because it’s designed to be used for many Halloweens. The front is decorated and the back is left plain. The idea is that every year it is used, your child can write her name and the year. By the time she grows from tot to teen, she’ll have created an heirloom.

The foundation is a giant can like the ones baked beans come in. You also could recycle a paint can with most of the dried paint scraped off. Paint the can or cover inside and out with paper or fabric.

Use your imagination when decorating the can. Your child’s stamped handprint, items related to her costume etc. can be glued on. Because the bucket will be carried around (hopefully for many years), try to be sure that whatever items you add will not fall off.

I’ve made similar buckets before, and always made a hole in each side with an awl to thread through wire or whatever for the handle. This time, I looked for another solution because I’ve lost my trusty awl. I looked around to see what I had that could hook onto the can. Eureka! I discovered one curtain ring that worked perfectly. It’s teeth held the edge of the can well and I could wind the ribbon and pipe cleaner handle through. Of course, it took me a few minutes to unearth the other one, but I think it was worth the hunt. (Do you agree?)

Have you created a clever goodie “bag” from repurposed items? Tell us about it.

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