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Costumes for blooming bellies: Part 1

Monday, August 31st, 2009

Halloween is right around the corner and if your due date is too, you’re in luck. And not just because your little one is almost here but because your baby bump is just perfect for dressing up! Now that’s reason to dance!

Just think of the possibilities…

  • Pumpkin
  • Watermelon
  • Earth
  • Fish bowl
  • Basketball/ baseball
  • An Easter egg
  • Beach Ball
  • Pearl in a shell
  • Happy face

Or, forget the cliches and dress your belly up as something unique like – the president. Huh? Stay tuned for tomorrow’s post featuring the amazing work of Photographer Mark Jordan.

Of course, green mamas-to-be will want to steer clear of most conventional face and belly paints, even those labeled “non-toxic” unless you know what all of the ingredients are (companies are not required to tell you) and whether the ingredients are safe. (Go to Environmental Working Group’s Cosmetic Safety Database to search the ingredients – if they are even listed.)

The better bet? Buy face pencils such as by Lyra, made under European’s stricter safety standards or make your own belly paints using the easy recipe in our book, Celebrate Green!.

Have you decorated your baby bump in clever ways for Halloween, or incorporated it in some other way into a funny, interesting or beautiful costume? Do share, do share!