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About Green Halloween’s 2009 non-profit beneficiary: Treeswing

Friday, December 11th, 2009


For the third year in a row, Green Halloween raised funds in support of Treeswing, a Seattle-based nonprofit focused on preventing childhood obesity, as part of our not-for-profit initiative.

What does this mean, exactly?

It means that money raised above the cost of running Green Halloween (e.g. website and hosting, print materials, etc.) was donated as part of our vision to spread the “good.”

Why do we love Treeswing?

Here are just a few of their amazing programs:

Get Fit – Get Smart!

Treeswing’s flagship project “Get Fit – Get Smart!” is a research-based PE curriculum serving 46,000 students in grades K-12.  Implemented in partnership with Seattle Public Schools, the curriculum incorporates health and nutrition concepts into PE classes and allows teachers to monitor their student’s fitness levels, wellness, and academic performance.


“JumpUp” is a partnership initiative between Treeswing and Seattle Children’s Hospital to distribute jump ropes to 5,000 kindergarten students in Seattle Public Schools.  The program is intended to get kids started early on the path to physical fitness and gives them a way to incorporate daily exercise at home.

Boardwalk 5K and Fitness Carnival

Treeswing sponsored the 4th Annual Boardwalk 5K Run and Fitness Carnival held at Husky Stadium on April 26th. Nearly 1000 runners turned out and another 300 kids and families participated in the free activity carnival held on the field (a 100% increase over the previous year.) The event raises money to support physical education programs in Seattle Public Schools.

Sammamish Splash – “Get Out There and TRI”athlon
Treeswing was a lead partner in launching the Sammamish Splash, an event geared towards creating a positive, achievable triathlon experience for children and their families who want to give one a try. The Splash was held on August 23rd at Lake Sammamish State Park and included swimming, running and biking events for kids of all ages.  The multi-sport event allowed kids to interact with others their age and helped them to develop a positive attitude about physical fitness. The Get Out There and TRI series is sponsored by Mary Meyer Life Fitness.

Support Treeswing
Treeswing relies on financial support from the community to help us improve the health of children in the Seattle area. If you or someone you know cares about children’s wellness and would like to support Treeswing through sponsorships or contributions, please visit Treeswing’s website at to donate.

Surf Sweets organic candy – what a treat!

Friday, October 9th, 2009


Check out the new Surf Sweets Green Halloween party guide.

It’s packed full of great, green Halloween activities, recipes, games and more!

Reading about making yummy Halloween desserts not enough? Watch their “sweet” videos on YouTube.

We love Surf Sweets organic candy because they are better for kids (and adults) and the planet – but also because they support causes we’re also passionate about too, such as Treeswing.

Which lines do we suggest for trick-or-treaters? We love the Sour Berry Bears and Gummy Bears, both available in .9 oz sizes. Punch your zip into the search bar here and find a Surf Sweets retailer near you.

Surf Sweets is one of our featured vendors. To find out more about our featured vendor program, click here.

Try the Pumpkin-O-Meter for a healthier Halloween

Thursday, October 1st, 2009

Untitled-3 copy

Kids may not understand the connection between calories and health but they do understand fun.

So make the connection fun and educational with this interactive “Pumpkin-O-Meter” sponsored by

What to do after the calorie counting is through? Click over to for great tips and tools on staying healthy all year ’round.

Fame, cool prizes & feeling good with 2009 ChicoBag-Green Halloween contest

Friday, June 26th, 2009


ChicoBag & Green Halloween (that’s us!) have just announced the launch of the second-ever, trick-or-treat bag design contest:

Create a BOOTIFUL design and see YOUR CHILD’s ART on a bag sold nationwide!


Help raise funds for a GHOULISHLY great cause!

(Last year’s bag was even featured on “The Bonnie Hunt Show!”)

Interested? Get out the art supplies and invite your kids to create a design that captures the “spirit” of Green Halloween…

Here are the details:

Who: Children ages 1-13

What: An original design depicting the “spirit” of a Green Halloween. Remember, artistic talent isn’t judged, but the art that best depicts the theme will be the winner.

In addition to some shriek-worthy prizes, winners gain the pride derived from creating art that will become a treasured part of Halloween traditions for thousands of children throughout the country.

When: Images due at the Green Halloween offices by October 24, 2009 by 5:00 PM Pacific Time. The winning design will be announced on Halloween 2009. Winners will be notified by November 5th.

Why: The hope is that participating children will be inspired to think about and make greener choices for Halloween (and other celebrations throughout the year) and will be proud to help a great charity.

A portion of the proceeds from bag sales will be donated to Treeswing, a nonprofit organization that promotes healthy eating and lifestyle habits for children.

Why #2 (the prizes): First place winner receives $500 from ChicoBag, as well as a bag of great green goodies. Second place scores a $100 gift card to a “green” toy store and a bag of fabulous green goodies. The runner up receives a bag of green goodies.  We’ll be announcing the green goodies all summer long, so stay tuned!

Click here for where to submit artwork and other information for Moms & Dads.

Bags featuring the winning design will be available for Halloween 2010!

Our bouncing baby book

Friday, October 3rd, 2008

Have you met our baby yet?

Watch the proud parents (us!) on You Tube (be sure to view in high qulity).

If you’re interested in adopting, or sitting, please let us know. It takes a village to raise a child.

A few things you might be interested in: