Green Halloween Volunteer Coordinator's Guide

Download the full Volunteer Coordinator's Guide here or view by chapter below.

  1. How to use this guide
  2. How to become a GH volunteer coordinator
  3. What is Green Halloween?
  4. Why Green Halloween?
  5. 10 Green Halloween guiding principles
  6. Event planning toolkit
    • Create a Green HalloweenŽ trick-or-treat trail
    • Create a Green HalloweenŽ community event
      • Option 1: Turn an existing Halloween event green
      • Option 2: Create your own Green HalloweenŽ event
      • Option 3: Collaborate with your local natural foods market on an in-store event
    • Tips for a successful event (no matter what kind of event you are planning)
    • How to partner with a local non-profit (and why doing so may be a good idea)
    • How to create a BUZZ about your event
    • Getting your community involved
    • How to apply for free goodies for your event
    • Event photography guidelines
    • Event follow-up
  7. Procuring local Green HalloweenŽ sponsors
    • Sample letter
    • Sample sponsorship form
  8. Print materials
  9. PR/Media toolkit
  10. Resources, contacts and more
    • Green HalloweenŽ FAQs
    • Logos to download (and how to use them)
    • Community pages (connect with other coordinators around the country)
    • How to contact the national Green HalloweenŽ team
    • Downloadable action kits & other materials
    • How to stay informed and connected with Green HalloweenŽ via the web
    • Other useful links
  11. Support materials

Please consider the Earth when printing the Coordinator’s Guide. Reuse paper or print on 100% recycled or tree-free printer paper, whenever possible.

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