Green Monster Mask

Go green this halloween by creating a scary Green Monster Mask from recycled materials. KJ and the Greenhouse Gang figured that this was not only easy, but a whole lot of fun. It’s a great way to use those bits and scraps of leftover stuff that you never know what to do with. Besides, it’ll make for some very cool art that you might just want to display well beyond the scary season! What You Need
  • A cardboard box, large enough to fit over your head but snug enough that it won’t move around too much.
  • Paint
  • Recycled decorations: cotton balls, used tissue wrap from old presents, leftover scraps of wrapping paper, used aluminum foil, used bubble wrap, fallen leaves etc.
  • Glue
  • Scissors
What To Do
  1. Create a green base
    1. Paint the outside of the box your favorite shade of green.
  2. Create Monster Features
    1. Paint on a scary face
    2. Glue an assortment of materials to the top and the sides of the cardboard box.
    3. Use painted bubble wrap or fallen leaves for hair
    4. Twist aluminum foil into a pair of horns
    5. Cut tissue wrap into thin strips and use them for whiskers.
    6. Cut odd sized teeth out of old scraps of wrapping paper.
    7. Stick cotton balls together to create fuzzy ears.
  3. Mark the Eyes
    1. Place the mask on your head and have someone help you mark out the eyes.
    2. Cut out the eye holes so you can see
  4. Become the Monster
    1. Wear the mask and become the monster
    2. If necessary, glue two pieces of string to the lower edges of the mask and tie these together under your chin to secure a tight fit.

Tip: If you would like to make a body to go with the mask, then follow the same procedure with a large cardboard box in which you can cut out holes for the head and arms.

Contributed by Reenita Malhotra, Green Gorilla

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