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Who knew being green could be so fun? Follow these links to some Green Halloween activity for kids:

Trick-or-treat for good
Games and more
Kids doing green
Crafts & DIY (do-it-yourself)

Games and Activities

Some of these activities require supervision or major participation by parents. Others can be done by children themselves. Please be sure to choose age appropriate ideas for your kids.

  • Color one of our Green Halloween coloring pages or make your own.
  • Read our Green Halloween book. It offers one idea for what to do with the candy if you decide to let your children go trick or treating. Older children can read it to younger ones.
  • Print out our Green Halloween word search.
  • Print the words Green Halloween on a piece of paper and see how many different words can be made out of the letters included in the words.
  • Buy or borrow from the library one of the books about what you can do to save the Earth. Try to make one change a week during October.
  • Use your printer to print out the Green Halloween Logo on transfer fabric. You can then iron it on to organic t-shirts, bags or any other fabric you like.
  • Purchase a package of ink jet window cling paper. Print out the Green Halloween Logo. Not only can you use this on your windows, but also on the outside of your laptop.
  • Make Green Halloween magnets by printing out the Green Halloween Logo on magnetic paper. Cut into squares and give them to friends.
  • Purchase sticker paper and print out the Green Halloween logo.
  • Write a story based on the ideas around Green Halloween. Draw pictures to illustrate the story. Bind it by folding the pages and stapling them together. Read your story to younger children to help them learn about Green Halloween.
  • Make up a “green” version of any familiar game. For instance, turn “Pin the Tail on the Donkey” into “Pin the trees on the planet.”
  • Challenge your family to a paper costume competition. Take a stack of newspapers or other paper you plan to recycle. Give yourselves a time limit like a half hour. Everyone has to make a Halloween costume from paper and tape. Vote on who has the best costume. You can make a paper crown to reward the winner.
  • Organize a post-Halloween neighborhood clean up. On the day after Halloween, get together with some friends and your parents and walk through the neighborhood picking up any trash you find.
  • Start a planting tradition. October is a great time to buy perennial plants, shrubs and trees on sale. Go to a nursery and pick up a few.
  • Make fruit and vegetable creatures. Here are some cute samples. Use them as decorations at your Green Halloween party.
  • Have a Halloween egg hunt. Dye some hard boiled eggs with natural dyes, then have a hunt around the house.
  • Make bunches of items to give away. Get together with a group of neighborhood children prior to Halloween use your imagination and talent to create little treasures. A few suggestions:

      1. Wash and dry some small stones or rocks. Then stamp on them permanent ink.
      2. Make friendship bracelets
      3. Cut sponges into shapes
      4. Make tiny books with one or two words on each page.
      5. Glue small magnets on natural objects like shells and recycled objects like bottle caps
      6. Cut stamps from letters, especially pretty or unusual ones.
      7. Press some flowers or leaves inside a book, then place between two sheets of wax paper. Iron, then cut around them.
      8. Cut up an old shirt or clean socks and make finger puppets.
      9. Make paper beads
      10. Some tile stores give away old tiles. If you can get some 1 inch square ones, you can decorate them with paint pens, and attach a magnet on the back.
      11. Make pirate eye patches
      12. Decorate barrettes with silk flowers, sparkles or beads
      13. Make glue ghost necklaces
      14. Make pompom spiders
      15. Make starfish necklaces
      16. Make paper flowers for the ends of pencils
      17. Make earth pendants
      18. Make origami whales
      19. Make tiny frames out of twigs
      20. Make paper finger puppets

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