The Gratitude Edition - Nov 24, 2008

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November 'o8
~ Thank you! (The gratitude edition)~
Every generation needs a new revolution
- Thomas Jefferson

Words cannot express our gratitude to you for helping to make Green Halloween's second year an bigger success than we could have dreamed of(and trust us, we dream big).

We appreciate the part you played in our initiative this year - be it hand-making costumes, composting pumpkins, organizing schools, contributing money, buying healthy treats, writing to local newspapers, forwarding this newsletter, telling your friends or a myriad of other things. Whatever it was, your support made a big difference.

How big of a difference?

Although we're still compiling stories and statistics what we do know is this: In just one year, Green Halloween grew from a local movement to a national initiative involving thousands of families in the United States and Canada who took steps, big and small, to make this Halloween healthier and more sustainable.

It's amazing what can happen when we join together to create change.

We can only imagine what 2009 will bring!

Do you have stories, photos or videos to share with us? We'd love to include them on our site or in future newsletters. Send them to us today.


The party everyone's still talking about

...okay, maybe we're still talking about it.

If you weren't there, you missed a great (green) party, if we do say so ourselves.

On Novembver 11th, Treeswing hosted Seattle Greendrinks, a celebration like none other.

First of all, it was held in an auto-dealer's showroom. (Why? Because they offered and we thought it would be cool to nosh on cheese and wine while test-sitting a fuel efficient car.) Second of all, our party featured three-time Olympic gold medalist, Sheryl Swoops, (whose team, the Seattle Storm, plants a tree every time one of the their players makes a three-point shot). Third of all, this was Seattle Greendrinks' first-ever zero-waste party. That's right, not a single trash can was to be found. (Compost bins were the order of the night.)

And let us not forget the amazing (free!) food that kept guests lingering long after closing time. The organic and local wine, beer, bread, cheese, hummus and other divine edibles had everyone convinced the event was catered! (Ha-ha, we fooled them! Every drop and morsel was donated by our generous sponsors, named below.)

Thank you to all 400-or-so of you amazing people who attended. It was fun rubbing elbows with with you.

If you weren't there, we hope to see you next time. Stay updated with our local events here.

Thank you to our many volunteers as well as to our event sponsors: Carter's Subaru, Seattle Storm, Full Circle Farm, Snoqualamie Wines, Sierra Nevada, Essential Baking Company, Terra Bella Flowers, Stellar Event Rentals, Mt. Townsend Creamery, Cupcake Royale, Monterey Gourmet Foods, Clif Bar, Vios Cafe, Goods for the Planet, Guayaki.

... it just wouldn't have been the same (or as green) without you!



Stay healthy year 'round with Treeswing

You already know that Green Halloween is a program of Treeswing's, but did you know that Treeswing has many other great projects happening year 'round?

Take their Boardwalk 5K, Get Fit Get Smart partnership or their new campaign, Jump Up!, which will place a jump rope in the hands of each and every kindergartner in the Seattle public school system. How cool is that?

For those of you who live outside of the Puget Sound area, Treeswing's website is a phenomenal resource for finding ways to keep kids active and healthy and making fitness and good nutrition fun.

For more information on Treeswing's programs and how you can support them in helping raise generations of healthy children in a healthy world, go to:

Want to stay updated? Sign up for Treeswing's newsletter here.
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Tips for celebrating green all year long

Be it Thanksgiving or Kwanzaa, a baby-shower or an office party, making your celebration an eco-friendly one starts with these basics:

Find the meaning. What is important to you and your family on this day? What do you want your kids to remember and pass on to future generations? Chances are you'll find that all the "stuff" we spend so much time and money on holds less meaning for you than the experiences that provide laughter, togetherness and joy. And here's the icing on the (organic) cake: laughter, togetherness and joy are carbon-neutral, zero-waste and calorie-free!

Get the kids involved. Ask your children what they cherish about their celebrations and encourage them to help find ways to keep the fun while being health and planet considerate. We bet they'll come up with some great options! After the brainstorming, allow your children to help you implement their ideas. Older children can take a higher profile role while younger kids can follow your lead.

Start slowly. Getting healthy and going green doesn't have to happen overnight. Holidays and special occasions can be stressful enough: adding too much to your plate won't help. So Start small and take pride in your baby steps. Each new holiday or event provides opportunities to try something new.

For more ideas, check out the new book, Celebrate Green!, co-written by Green Halloween's founder. (A percentage of the book's proceeds go to Treeswing.)



Green Halloween® is a program of Treeswing, a Seattle based non-profit working to reverse the trend of childhood obesity. Through innovative programs and partnerships, Treeswing improves the health of children and builds generations of healthy, active communities. 

Sound Bites & More

The press ate up Green Halloween.

Here's a taste of what they had to say about us.

Want more to munch on? It's low-cal, we promise. Check out the buzz.

Stay updated with the latest news on Treeswing here or our efforts to green up other holidays here.
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A very special thank you
Every revolution has its heroes.

Rebecca Cohen is one of ours.

Rebecca is our tireless and unflappable volunteer intern who made the Green Halloween e-newsletter possible over the last year.

Thank you, Rebecca for your time, talent and commitment to our cause!

If you would like to find out about becoming a 2009 Green Halloween® volunteer, contact Corey at


  With deep gratitude
to our
2008 Sponsors


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Healthy holidays

 Celebrate green while saving green Green Friday
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The average Thanksgiving meal consists of 3,000 calories. Add that to the rest of the day's food and by the time you've gone to sleep that night, that number may reach a whopping 4,500.

Here are a few tips for staying healthy and guilt-free while enjoying the holiday foods you love.

  • Instead of skipping meals before or after the big day, just make them lighter, with an emphasis on high fiber, low fat foods including fruits and veggies.
  • Before the main meal, eat a salad, fruit smoothie or other filling but healthy snack.
  • Use a salad plate instead of a dinner plate - studies show you'll be less likely to overindulge.
  • Make a tradition of getting post-meal exercise with a family walk or hike, ping-pong tournament or scavenger hunt.

How do you stay healthy during the holidays? E-mail us your tips, tricks, recipes are more. We'd love to share them on our site or in upcoming newsletters.

It's a common misconception that going green costs green. In fact, going green can save green with these simple ideas:

  • Feeding 30 people and have only 12 plates? Don't spend your money or the Earth's resources on disposable tableware. Ask your guests to bring their own place settings instead. To add meaning to the holiday, invite them to also bring a story that goes along with the setting. Was it a wedding gift? Did it come from grandma?
  • 27% of the food we buy ends up in the trash can. Instead of feeding the landfill, buy 25% less for your holiday meal than you normally would. If you do have leftovers, send them home with your guests in pre-washed, reused glass jars. Compost anything inedible.
  • Use LED holiday lights. They may cost more up front but because they last longer and use 90% less energy than incandescents, they'll save money over the long term.
  • Give gifts of your time and talent rather than gifts that cost money (and need to be wrapped).

"Black Friday," the day after Thanksgiving is the biggest shopping day of the year. On this day alone, billions of dollars are spent are spent on everything from electronics to lipstick.

When we purchase "green" products, i.e. buying Fair Trade and sustainably sourced products, we're placing our consumer "vote" on products and companies that have our future in mind.

Whether shopping for tableware or holiday wear, make sure your "vote" is green by shopping at places such as such as:

Check out Big Green Purse for more information on how conscious consumerism can change the world.

Watch Story of Stuff for why conscious consumerism matters.

Take The Celebrate Local Pledge here.

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