Hot Tips for Green Summertime Celebrating - June 16, 2009

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June                                                                                                     2009

  3 Steps

to spark a revolution


Grassroots movement. Community initiative. Revolution.

Whatever you wish to call us, we're glad to have you on board. Without you, our movement/initiative/revolution wouldn't have grown from an idea to a cultural phenomenon - shifting actions and making a difference - proving that being health-conscious and eco-aware doesn't mean doing away with the fun.

But we need your help to grow Green Halloween from a flicker into a fireworks display, to make celebrating sustainably a mainstream concept. Powerful. Exciting. Boom!

Help us expand the revolution with three easy actions that will take five minutes or less.

1. Strike the match

Take our Green Halloween survey to help us understand where your interests are and what we can to to inspire and engage you. 
Are you looking for costume ideas, a resource for eco-events, ideas for what to hand out, or a place to share photos of your bootiful kids? Let us know

2. Feed the flame

Fire needs oxygen. Revolutions need people. If you are a person, we need you.

Contact us today if you would like to be our oxygen by signing on as a Green Halloween volunteer or a corporate sponsor

If these ideas don't float your boat, how about helping us to spread the word?

E-mail three people that you know and let them know about Green Halloween. Send them to and suggest that they sign up for this newsletter. Ask them to forward the e-mail to three more friends, teachers, politicians or anyone else who might want to get involved.

(Of course, we can't think of reasons why anyone wouldn't want to get involved, but you know what we mean.)

3. Watch the show

After the spark and the fanning of the flames, a fire will develop a life of it's own - full of color, energy and passion. Take our pledge to go green this Halloween and watch (with oohs and ahhs) the revolution explode.

A note from Corey & Lynn: We know that fireworks are entirely un-eco-friendly but we were trying to be a little more unique than using a tree analogy. (You know, 3 steps to grow a tree: plant seed, nurture and watch it grow?). If you want to know why fireworks make Mother Earth cringe (or is it cough?) and what is being done to change this, read the Independence Day chapter in our book.


Solar cookin' for your summertime celebration
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Have you ever cooked eggs on a sidewalk? How about baked cookies in your car? Having lived in Tucson, Arizona for about 20 years, I'm not sure why we ever needed a real stove.

No matter where you live, as long as you have some sun, you can use it to make all kinds of foods, from pizzas to pumpkin pie.

Sidewalk not clean enough? Car cooking not your thing? How about a solar oven, store bought or handmade.

Click here for a list of  sun-sational recipes - perfect for 4th of July through Labor Day. Or, if you happen to live in Tucson, New Year's through Christmas.

(For more ideas on how to celebrate Solar Day, 2009 click here.)


Green DIY project:

Red, white & blue-jeans 4th of July banner 

blue jeans baner.jpg

What to do with your old, torn beyond repair denim jeans? Turn them into a festive 4th of July decorative banner. Easy, low-cost, eco-cool - and in just 4 easy steps.

You'll need:

  • Old denim jeans and/or red/white/blue fabric remnants (thick, like canvas)
  • Cord
  • Scissors or pinking sheers
  • Fabric glue or iron-on adhesive tape
  • An iron (if using tape)
1. Cut 9x12 inch triangles (at least 15) out of fabric remnants.
2. Make a loop at one end of the cord (for hanging) and secure triangles to cord by wrapping  ends over the cord, securing with glue or iron-on tape.
3. When finished, make a loop at the other end.
4. Hang in the desired spot and get the par-tay started!
Of course if you love eco-decor but don't have the time or desire to be eco-crafty (it's okay, we'll still like you), you can support someone who is - for just $30 on Etsy. 


Hot off the press!
The 2009 ChicoBag & Green Halloween contest is now underway

ChicoBag 150.jpg


Remember last year's trick-or-treat bag design contest? (If not, the photo should refresh your memory.) It was won by a 12-year old from Florida whose inspired design helped launch the bag to fame - appearing on blogs coast-to-coast and even getting its own "15 minutes" on The Bonnie Hunt Show.

Think your kids have what it takes to be famous? (No, not infamous.) 

Now is their chance.

Through October 24th, children ages one through 13 are invited to enter drawings capturing the "spirit" of Green Halloween. The top three designs will win a bunch of cool, green prizes. The top design will become a limited edition 2010 ChicoBag.

Even sweeter? A portion of the profits will be donated to Treeswing.

So get out the soy crayons and click here for details.

Keeping up
with Corey & Lynn
(click on images to hear/watch stories)
Green birthday parties on National Public Radio's "Tell me More" with Michel Martin
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DIY Green gifts on KING 5
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  Eco-friendly kids parties on news programs nation-wide
Feature article in WE magazine for women; Spring/Summer issue
"Way to go green! 7 family-friendly ways to help the planet" on
HGTV blog
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Kiwi magazine blog
Project Green on The CW
The Green Girls

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Celebrate Green!
... also
For a complete list of our recent press, visit our media page.


Rave reviews for our book,

Celebrate Green! Creating Eco-Savvy Holidays, Celebrations and Traditions for the Whole Family

 "For those of us who sit at parties and worry about all those paper plates and excess gift wrapping, this book is an amazing resource! To have a beautiful celebration, one need not sacrifice anything -- especially the planet."
Cambria Gordon
, co-author of The Down-to-Earth Guide to Global Warming

Read more reviews here.


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How do you celebrate green?

Do you have stories, photos or videos to share?

Send them to us. We'd love to share your ideas on our wesbite or blog.


Welcome, welcome to our newest 2009 sponsors and partners!

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Celebrate green this summer: 

Easy, breezy tools of the trade


candles in tree.jpg

Mason jars & beeswax candles

leaf bowl.jpg

Tableware made from leaves


Recycled glasses


U-pick berries

  organic table cloth.jpg

Organic table linens

Visit our blog for more hot ideas for celebrating green this summer.

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