Late October Newsletter - Oct 29, 2008

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October 'o8                                                                                                                 ~ Happy (almost) Halloween ~
Go green, save an egg
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You can try this at home!

We’ve heard all kinds of reasons why folks may choose to hand out conventional candy rather than healthy, or Earth-friendly alternatives – It costs too much, I don’t know where to find it, I’m too busy to think about it, etc.– but a handful of people have expressed that if they alter the contemporary American tradition of giving away gobs of conventional confections that their homes will be pummeled with eggs. 

Now we don’t want our homes splattered with eggs any more than you do, but we’ve discovered that while other concerns may be a reality, this threat is unlikely to happen – at least not due to going green. Why?

Kids love our suggestions!

Want to see for yourself? 

Take our challenge: This year buy 50%  conventional candy. Buy, find or make 50% of one or more of a healthy/green treats or treasures that we suggest, or that you come up with. Then, when trick-or-treaters come-a-knocking, let them choose.

Our prediction is you’ll be amazed at how your healthy/green treats and treasures are gone in a flash – leaving the conventional candy in the dust, and the eggs in their cartons.

Let us know how it goes for you.

Have you heard the news?
Going green on Halloween is "huge"
- Green guru and the author of Gorgeously Green, Sophie Uliano 

You might have noticed that our blog has been a little quiet lately and believe me, this is notbecause we have little to say... it's just that we've been inundated (in a wonderful way, of course) with media inquires for television, radio, print and the web!

Everyone from the Seattle Times to Access Hollywood to and even a radio station in Nova Scotia are talking about the movement YOU helped to create.

... and we can't wait for you to hear/see the stories.

Be sure to check back, as we're updating this page daily.

Going green with homemade face paints
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Store bought face paints may be labeled with the words "non-toxic" but buyer beware: this term is virtually meaningless.

Avoid the risk of exposing your child to lead, mercury, pthalates, parabens and other potentially toxic substances by mixing up your own face paints with our easy recipe-craft that's to DIY for from our new book, Celebrate Green! Creating Eco- Savvy Holidays, Celebrations and Traditions for the Whole Family.

Do-it-yourself  Halloween Face Paints

1 tsp cornstarch

½ tsp water

½ tsp all natural diaper rash cream, such as the California Baby brand (we know, we know, it sounds weird, but it works)

1-2 drops natural/ organic food coloring

In a small bowl, mix water and cornstarch. Add baby cream and food color and mix a bit more until your paints are the right color and consistency.

Be sure to send us your eek-o-fabulous face paint photos!

Phantoms and vampires and carbon emissions, oh my!


Did you know your home may have phantoms and vampires?

If you’re like most Americans, you may have as many as twenty!

Yes, “phantom loads,” or “energy vampires” as some people call them, happen when appliances and electronics drain energy even when they’re turned off or not in use. These nuisances not only suck unnecessary energy and lead to carbon emissions, they cost the average household about $200 a year. Now that’s scary.
How can you rid your home of these unwanted guests? When not in use, unplug items such as single use appliances (like toasters and coffee makers) as well as all of your gizmo chargers (like cell phone chargers). Unplug appliances such as televisions when you’re away on vacation. You can also use what are called “smart” power strips designed to stave off unwanted energy suckers.

For more ways you and your family can help to conserve energy, check out our new energy conservation page or visit our partners at Puget Sound Energy.


Who says Halloween can't be healthy?

And who says Healthy can't be fun?

Green Halloween® is a non-profit, grassroots community initiative to create healthier and more Earth-friendly holidays, starting with Halloween.

How do we define "green"? How did this initiative get started anyhow? How do I get my kids on board?

We've got answers! Find them here. Can't find what you need? E-mail us. We're happy to help.

Are you or your child future Green Halloween® stars?

You will be if you win one of our upcoming contests!

For more information on fame and prizes click the above links.

For more contests, click here.


NEW on our site,
If you haven't been to our site lately, we invite you to come back to see all the updates we've made to keep you current on the latest tips and tricks for greening your Halloween.
... of course, we're updating the site all the time - so be sure to check back frequently.

Many of the suggestions we provide for treats, gifts, food and activities are also great (as-is or modified) for other holidays and everyday celebrations such as birthdays!

Stay updated year 'round by subscribing to our blog or checking out our sister sites &
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Happy Hallogreen®      Say it with style

Have your pumpkin & eat it too

It's not too late!
Green Halloween® 2008

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You can use our logo on your sign—just click here to download!
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Whether you are hosting a Halloween party or handing out healthy treats and treasures to the goblins, princesses, robots, and other assorted trick-or-treaters who come to your door, posting a sign is a great way to show that green is just as important as orange and black this Halloween.

Visit our website for some great ideas for fun Green Halloween® signs you can make for your door or window. You can also purchase reusable, recycled content Green Halloween® door signs from

If you are participating in the trick-or-treating, display the Green Halloween® message on your trick-or-treat bag.

ChicoBag 150.jpg

Make your own Green Halloween® message on a bag made from old fabric, or pillow cases or, check out the new, limited edition reusable ChicoBag trick-or-treat bagscreated in honor of Green Halloween® and Treeswing.

Even if there is not enough time left to order one for this Halloween, these reusable bags will last for many Green Halloweens to come. You can also use the spooktacular design as inspiration for creating your own!


Last week we had almost 14,500 new visitors to our website,

 Our "community initiative" wouldn't be much without you - our community.

Thank you for your interest and ongoing support.

The ultimate Halloween icon is green!

Yes, we know they look orange, but this beautiful, delicious, and versatile vegetable can feature in many parts of your Halloween this year.

Besides their visual appeal as jack-o-lanterns, pumpkins are a zero-waste item. After you are done looking at 'em, you can eat 'em! And if you don't want their nutrients for yourself, give the nutrients to the soil by composting your pumpkins after they have fulfilled their role as decoration.

While we'll be sad to say goodbye to Halloween this year, at least we don't need to part with the lovely pumpkin just yet. Keep testing out those pumpkin recipes because Thanksgiving is on the way!

Here are a few tasty resources:

Check out this article we found in the online Wellness Libraryof Overlake Hospital (one of our Platinum Pumpkin level sponsors).

This step-by-step recipe makes it fun and easy.

PCC Natural Market's website has pages of recipes devoted to cooking healthfully with local, seasonal and organic foods.

This free recipe website has a fun, interactive Halloween page.

Find a host of festive food ideas on our website.

Do you live in an area without an official Green Halloween® movement? Do you want to involve your community this Halloween?

Here's what you can do NOW to make Halloween Greener where you live:

Download our neighborhood action kit or take one or more actions on our Help Out page,


Put yourself on the Green Halloween® map.


You have tools to get your friends and neighbors involved AND you have let others in your community know that celebrating Green is valued in your city.

and after...

You made your Halloween greener, congratulations!—tell us about what you did. We can't wait to hear from you!

If taking these steps was a (pumpkin) cake walk for you and you'd like to play an integral role in the expansion of Green Halloween® as a nation wide initiative, we'd love to have you join our team of 2009 Green Halloween® volunteer coordinators.

E-mail us for details.


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