Why communities love Green Halloween:

Efforts like Green Halloween are a great way for parents and children to have some fun and do something positive for the environment.
Greg Nickels, Former Mayor of Seattle, Seattle Climate Action Now

I’m enthusiastic about the idea of adding to the Halloween tradition a sense of sustainability and responsibility to our children.
Mark Cross, Former Mayor of the City of Sammamish, WA

Why parents love Green Halloween:

I applaud the initiative and all the companies rallying behind Green Halloween. As a mother of three I am appalled by all the bad are served under the banner "treats". With Green Halloween we now have a compelling alternative for the big treat season. And the fact that the objective of the campaign is to make healthy treats more affordable, makes this very attractive to the masses.
Monika Claassen, Business owner and Mom

I am so excited to welcome the fall season and Green Halloween. As a mother of a soon to be trick-or-treater, it is wonderful to know that communities now have another option for celebrating this wonderful holiday for our children. Our family is passionate about the health of our environment, our children and our planet...Green Halloween is the perfect answer to create special memories without worrying about what kind of unhealthy "treat" is going in our Halloween basket.
Elena Lipson, writer, “Eco-Warrior” and Mom

I love the idea of Green Halloween! Each year we struggle with wanting to embrace the mystery and fun of Halloween without eating hoards of sugar or giving out plastic trinkets. It is wonderful that our community has created a healthy and conscientious option that allows us to enjoy this playful holiday AND support our values.
Mary Gagliardi, Development Professional and Mom

This is a wonderful idea that is long overdue. So many…parents, who are concerned with issues like health, ecology, and fair-trade, have an earnest intention to provide wholesome and ethical “treats” and “favors” for Halloween and birthday parties. Affordable alternatives to all of the “junk” out there, however, are difficult to find. A collaborative effort like Green Halloween is a much-needed resource!
Briana Bennitt, Former school executive director and Mom.

I’ve been working in public schools for 10 years as a teacher and school librarian. I've seen many kids make unhealthy eating choices, especially during the holiday season. This program can help you provide a holiday alternative that many kids and parents will enjoy. Go Green
Chris Colwell, School Library Media Specialist and Dad

Why our Event Partners love Green Halloween:

Parents complimented the Zoo's efforts in offering healthy snack alternatives to sugary candy treats for Halloween. They saw this move as a positive impact for their children.

Our 2010 Zoo Boo attendees were thrilled with the "green" trick or treat options we offered. This was a great way to show them that we can be "green" everyday - even during holidays AND most importantly, that they can do it at home!

It was great to send guests home with a little 'green' that had not only a great message, but provided a healthy alternative to the tons of candy they receive on Halloween.

Why our Brand Partners love Green Halloween:

Whole Foods Market is dedicated to promoting local and earth-friendly eating selections, and our partnership with Green Halloween serves this mission.
Our goal this Halloween is to educate parents and children about fun candy alternatives that are good for you.

For many parents, Halloween is scarier than any ghost or goblin. This is why Nature's Path® is joining forces with Green Halloween in support of Moms and Dads looking for kid and planet-friendly options.

Kiwi Magazine loves Green Halloween! It's the perfect combination of eco- friendly and fun - exactly what our readers are looking for.

At Larabar®, we believe that the foundation of a sound mind, body and spirit is derived from what you eat. And what you eat is healthiest and most satisfying when it's in a whole, natural state. Partnering with Green Halloween allows us to share that with families across the country.

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