Fresh Green News for Spring Newsletter - March 31, 2009

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March 31                                                                                                      2009

  Thinking of you

We've been busy as bees the last few months and are worried you're missing all the fun.

For instance, if you subscribed to our Celebrate Green blog, you would have seen what happened when our book (almost) met Obama and you'd be in the know about what-in-the-heck seaweed has to do with celebrating an Eco Easter.

If you followed us on twitter, you'd have seen our recent gig on a morning show and if you were a subscriber to our Fresh Greens newsletter, you might have played our cool St. Patty's Day interactive game and perhaps won tons of green goodies, not the least of might have been a copy of our book.

And even though life will go on now that you've missed the Mother's Day eco-jewelry design  contest (you can still vote here) and didn't know that we're now blogging for The Green Girls, we just can't stop fretting over the fact that there are at least a dozen holidays between now and Halloween... will you celebrate green without us?

We'd love to stay in better touch with you throughout the year not just at Halloween!

If you're feeling it too, start by signing up here

You'll be glad you did. And so will we.

Ahhh. Hugs, all around!


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So what's up with Green Halloween?
We know that the daffodils are just beginning to bloom and that thinking of Halloween at this time of year may turn your tummy, but we did want to let you know that we're already working hard to make Green Halloween 2009 a success.
For one thing, we're working on building partnerships that will enable Green Halloween to reach even more communities and create larger, longer lasting change.We'll keep you updated as things are solidified.
We're also working on updating the website with new features (such as a discussion board - yeah!) and improved usability. We'll also be adding new content featuring YOUR ideas, photos and videos.
And we're excited to announce that Equal Exchange and Glee Gum have already signed on as 2009 sponsors! If your organization or business would like to join the team contact us here

Save green while celebrating green

for any occasion

In this economy, many parents are asking us how they can save money while still celebrating in an eco-friendly way. Here are our tips and tricks, no matter the holiday or celebration

Focus on people over things. For example, make the activities a priority. Click here for how Lynn recently threw an awesome b-day party heavy on the laughter, light on the wallet.

Less is more. Wondering what to put in your son's basket for Easter? Choose quality over quantity. Last year Corey hid ONE large organic, Fair Trade egg wrapped in shiny foil for her girls, instead of buying baskets and filling them with treats. The girls had a blast hunting high and low for the treasure and spent hours figuring out how to divide it up equitably (as per the Easter Bunny's instructions).

Reusing is golden. Except for food, you really shouldn't have to buy anything to celebrate green. Decor is especially easy to reuse or make from existing materials, but check out this idea for how to reuse classic party games.

Make it meaningful. This Mother's Day, how about filling a jar with 101 slips of paper (recycled, of course) that tell your mom all the reasons you love her. Or how about surprising her by decorating her house with with a bunch of framed photos of her from birth to now? Or sit her down with a glass of tea (or wine - whatever is her style) and watch our Mother's Day video. Make sure you've got hankies handy.

  ....Don't miss our top Eco Easter picks (see below)
  Keeping up
with Corey & Lynn
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You Tube
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Sexy Green (e-Zine)
AM Northwest
HGTV blog
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Kiwi magazine blog
Project Green on The CW
The Green Girls

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Celebrate Green!
... also


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How do you celebrate green?

Do you have stories, photos or videos to share?

Send them to us. We'd love to share your ideas on our wesbite or blog.





Yes to carrots lip balm


DIY basket made from fabric scraps

Hemp jump rope



Organic jelly beans


Honey Bunny organic outfit

Easter fleece.jpg
Wool Easter grass



 Wooden bunny toy

 natural eggs.jpg
Eggs from your own chickens 


 Ellie Pooh Stock.gif

Tree-free paper in spring colors

Our favorite finds for celebrating an Eco Easter/ Green Spring

(and no, we were not paid to say we love 'em)

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