Two Seattle Schools turn Green for Halloween 2007

This year two schools joined the Green Halloween movement to promote healthy and Earth-friendly ways to celebrate Halloween. Lowell Elementary in Seattle and Spiritridge Elementary in Bellevue showed their creativity by designing their own unique Green Halloween T-shirts (organic cotton, of course!)

Some classes chose one design to submit; others had each student draw their own design. Ideas were definitely thinking outside the candy box! One student suggested handing out flower seeds as trick-or-treat items; another encouraged compositing pumpkins. Participating classrooms were rewarded with their own glow-in-the dark, recycled plastic, Green Halloween bag filled with Green Halloween activities, Zeko cards, books, healthy snacks and passes to Kids Quest Children’s Museum.

We applaud each school for going beyond just the T-shirt design to embrace Green Halloween ideas in other ways. Spiritridge, who already has done great work to support kid's health, offered healthy snacks and activities for their students as well as spread the word within the community and to families about Green Halloween.

Lowell, another school already working hard to keep our children and Earth healthy, held classroom parties focused on healthy eating and eliminating waste. One classroom embraced the focus of being community-minded and hosted a shared party with a local retirement home! What a treat for the residents!

We thank all the students and staff at Spiritridge and Lowell for joining us in turning this Halloween green! We hope that doing so was educational AND fun for everyone involved and that the changes the students made this year will inspire many more in the years to come.

Green Halloween T shirt designs

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