Green Halloween in Delaware

Green Halloween came to Delaware… specifically Bella’s (our daughter’s) school… Milton Elementary School. Earlier in the month, I had mentioned putting out some press releases on how we’d carry this celebration here. They were picked up, and we made great news with the event. Letters were sent home to kids explaining the concept and how our goal was to remove candy and treats filled with harmful ingredients yet also promote eco-responsibility. Today, we collected 215 lbs of junk candy from students at Milton Elementary School! Children had to bring 2 lbs to participate and they exchanged their junk candy for a Green Halloween bag. The bag was filled with an apple (from a local orchard), organic pretzels (donated by Newman’s Organics), organic chocolate bites (from a local natural market), coloring books/non-toxic crayons & pencils made from recycled materials (from the Delaware Solid Waste Authority), and we (Bella’s Cookies) provided honey sticks, temporary tattoos, stamps, stickers of some of our favorite wildlife, and of course cookies! Tonight we appeared on the 6 pm news for this event. There’s talk for next year expanding this program to the entire Cape Henlopen School district (elementary schools only), and a movement to bring it throughout the entire state of Delaware. Thanks for everything.


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Green Halloween in Delaware

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