Oct. 31 - Green Halloween Spawns Fun for the Little Ones, with Child And Earth-friendly Traditions

Media already covering Green Halloween range from The Seattle Times Sunday edition to KING 5 (NBC affiliate), NWCN TV (Northwest News (cable)) and a range of radio stations, from KOMO 1000 to KUOW radio.

Media Advisory

SEATTLE/EWORLDWIRE/Oct 24, 2007 --- With an eye towards childhood obesity and concerns about imported toys coupled with a growing awareness of the planet's fragility, Corey Colwell-Lipson - a high-spirited Seattle-area mother of two girls - is hard at work unveiling Green Halloween - a movement to establish new child and Earth-friendly Halloween traditions - in her neighborhood and in hundreds across the U.S. Her efforts have attracted widespread media attention in just a month.

"Let's start thinking outside the candy box," says Colwell-Lipson. "Halloween can embody the spirit of the celebration without the sweet, high fructose treats. Going junk-food-free can even be fun."

Colwell-Lipson points out that Halloween is about more than candy. Green Halloween (http://www.GreenHalloween.org) serves up dozens of creative, inexpensive, and even no-cost provisions that can spellbind even the most frightful of child dispositions. GreenHalloween.org experts delve into the ways parents can engage and rouse children to entertain a healthier and Earth-friendly holiday. Fanciful, print-out coloring pages, lively ideas for healthy Halloween parties and unearthing Green Halloween neighborhoods are at the heart of the hoopla. Places to acquire Earth-friendly and recycled booty and how to dispose of unwanted confections are among many wickedly clever ideas on the site.

Setting the scene to taking the title of First Official Green Halloween Neighborhood, the Issaquah Highlands has come aboard, while hoards of parents throughout Seattle have expressed interest in turning their blocks - and ambiance - green.

National retailers have joined the fray to stir things up for the good of the green. Major sponsorship has been secured from Seattle area Whole Foods Market, along with Overlake Hospital and ParentMap magazine, all within GreenHalloween's first month of operation. The recipient of funds raised through Green Halloween activities this year is Treeswing, a Seattle area non-profit committed to promoting children’s health through nutrition and exercise.

"We've had people all over the country asking how they can create their own Green Halloween," says Colwell-Lipson. "Checking out our Web site and making simple changes is the way to get started. Not everyone is going to want to jump into this whole hog. Testing the waters by offering stickers as an alternative to candy, for instance, is just fine. But as the public becomes increasingly aware of the damage we do to ourselves, our children and our environment without even realizing it, how we celebrate and create traditions in our country will begin to change. By making easy, inexpensive changes, we can keep the thrill and fun in celebrations, but enjoy them in a more thoughtful and positive way."

Beginning next year, Colwell-Lipson will move toward the greening of all holidays as well as birthdays.

To interview Colwell-Lipson, contact Lynn Colwell at 425-793-3590 or e-mail PR@GreenHalloween.org.

MEDIA: Photographs available on request.

Green Halloween already has been or will be featured in these media outlets in Seattle:
  • The Seattle Times Sunday edition
  • KING 5, NBC affiliate
  • NWCN TV, Northwest News (cable)
  • KOMO 1000 radio
  • KUOW radio (NPR station)
  • The Renton Reporter
  • The Sammamish Reporter
  • The Issaquah Reporter
Some of the many blogs where Green Halloween has been featured:
  • Natural Family Online
  • Washington Parent
  • A Fresh Squeeze
  • Red Tricycle
  • Zzilch
  • Evidence Of Humanity
  • Peppers and Pollywogs
  • Cedar Valley Publishing Blog

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CONTACT: Lynn Colwell
Green Halloween
13003 LK Kathleen Rd. SE
Renton, WA 98059
PHONE. 425-793-3590
EMAIL: Lynn@Greenhalloween.org

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