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Funny Food Art


Bill sets out healthy foods on display to begin making butterfly food art

Butterfly Food Art

The end result: Beautiful and nutritious butterfly snacks!

I had the chance to chat up Bill and Claire Wurtzel on the phone recently and discovered a whole new world of happy as we discussed how to add healthy food choices to your child’s classroom menu, how to make fun food art, and the great love story of Bill and Claire!  All you need:

  • Imagination
  • An array of healthy foods set out on display
  • A willingness to teach and do
  • An Open-Heart and Mind

The Love Story:

Bill and Claire

It turns out, love can be duplicated at breakfast!

Congratulations to Bill and Claire for celebrating their recent 5oth anniversary!  They are a warm and kind couple with a good cause that they want to share with the world.  Funny Food originated in the kitchen at their home in Manhattan, N.Y.C.  On Sunday mornings, Bill would make breakfast for Claire then create art couture from toast, fruits, eggs, and nuts all in hopes of getting a good laugh out of his wife.  About five years ago Claire prompted Bill to take pictures and the New York Times published them on March 2nd, 2011.  From love story to food story, Bill and Claire now have an up-coming Funny Food Book which will become available April 2012.

Healthy Food Workshops:

School Workshops 10-4

Bill and Claire have a message that they hope reach First Lady Michelle Obama in their quest for combating childhood diabetes and obesity as as getting children to eat a well-balanced breakfast.  Together they have visited New York City schools that have high rates of childhood obesity promoting interactive, hands on learning for kids.  They hold workshops in which they display nutritious breakfast from the different foods groups.  Claire, an educator, speaks up about nutrition while Bill models breakfast in his quirky, funny food way.  I was so inspired by my talk with them that I hope to transpire their ideas to Pinellas County Schools in Florida.  Want to make a difference?  Download copies and print copies to pass out at your next PTA meeting.

Plum Art

Bill Wurtzel's Anthroplum created for Green Halloween!

Mr. Appleman sits at the table for dinner

Let kids get creative by setting out a tray of pre-cut nutritious food shapes for art creation!

Mr. Pitaface

Take a pita and crack a smile! Who says you can't play with your food?

Egg Head

Take a pita, crack a smile, throw some eggs on top of her head for a funny hairstyle!

Penguin Breakfast

Take eggs and yolk and a lot of imagination to make a peggquin scene!

Angry Toast

Make sure your toast is gluten-free or whole-wheat for a healthy alternative

Bill’s Background:

Bill Wurtzel is a renowned guitarist and art director.  He improvises breakfast like a jazz solo!  Check out his musical abilities at Bill Wurtzel.

Pear Bassist

Bill places his love of jazz in this musically inclined Bosc Player!

"Bass Playing Griddle!"


Granddaughter Daniela:

The proud grandparents mentioned their little granddaughter Daniela a few times and since she lives right next door, its the perfect time for Bebop to make her breakfast too!  She gets in on the breakfast action by creating her own works of art.  Check it out and then prep your counter for foodie fun with your own kids!

"Yellow Dolly."

Bebop Bill made this for Granddaughter Daniela for a healthy dessert

"4 year old Daniela Weiss."

4 year old Granddaughter Daniela Weis making her own art!

"Daniela's Foodie Art."

4 year old Daniela's fruity doll art!

"Daniela Weiss."

Yummy, healthy food art kids just love to design

"Daniela and Bebop."

You do the cutting, let your kids create the art!


Daniela made this scary face for Green Halloween! Good job!


This Cantaloupe Skeleton was made especially for Green Halloween by Bill!

Look for Bill Wurtzel as we feature him in up-coming posts on Green Halloween!

Blogger Laurali Star can be found on her blog, Charming Laurali Star, and on her site, The Damsel in the Attic, where she sells handmade and vintage clothing and accessories.  Another fab way to help reduce, reuse, and recycle!  Check it out!

Green Halloween® is a nationwide non-profit initiative started by mother-daughter team Corey Colwell-Lipson and Lynn Colwell. In 2010, Green Halloween became a program of EcoMom® Alliance and has events in cities across the U.S.

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