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Gifts for the ‘ol switcheroo

Does the Sugar Sprite visit your house on Halloween night?


How about the Great Pumpkin or Candy Witch?

In my house, the Halloween Fairy comes, eagerly looking for candy that she can soon turn into fairy dust. (Her magic won’t work without it.) My children are just as eager to give up their loot (leaving it on the front porch) knowing the treasures she’ll leave in its place will be way better.

What does she leave in exchange?

One or two little gifts, like autumn-themed books , an unusual game, or perhaps tickets to the local children’s theater. Our Fairy also likes to add a personal touch with homemade treats like pumpkin muffins.

If your family would like to invite the Halloween Fairy/Sprite/Pumpkin/Witch to your home (and they do need to be invited), you may want to have a chat with them about what goodies you’d like to see swapped.

Here are a few of our favorites (in addition to anything handmade or gently used):

Magic Cabin also has a huge selection of wonderful Halloween and fall themed gifts for children of all ages. My children love their Halloween tea-set, nesting cats, and fall fairies.

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