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Twitter Party: Part II

Did you have a good time at our last party? Did you learn about new ways to have a healthy Halloween? Wish you could share and discuss more ideas? Well, you are in luck! We having another awesome twitter party filled with friends, facts, and free-giveaways.


RSVP here for the Green Halloween & Veritey Twitter Party!

Date: Tuesday October 22, 2013
Time: 9pm EST / 6pm PST
Hosts: @GreenHalloween, @Veritey, @Kiwimagazine, @GMOInside, and @PlumOrganics
Hashtag: #greenhalloween

Leave us your twitter handle and your email (we can’t notify you of what you won unless we can send you an email!) in the reply thread here so that we can let you know if you are a prize winner. You must reply before 9pm on October 22nd to be eligible. Only RSVP once, we’ll be able to see your name even if  you can’t see it in the comments.

And, to be eligible for more Green Halloween giveaways, sign up for our healthy living newsletter here. We’re giving away prizes everyday in October.

For more twitter party details follow us at or Twitter @Veritey AND or Twitter @greenhalloween

By RSVPing, contestant are also signing up for the Veritey newsletter.

78 Responses to “Twitter Party: Part II”

  1. Meg Says:

    love the idea of reverse trick-or-treating!

  2. Lori Leal Twitter Handle: @LoriLeal1 Says:

    I’m looking forward to Part II, thank you!! :-)
    RSVP @LoriLeal1

  3. @tringali_julie Says:

    Cannot wait!!! Loved the last one!!

  4. Toni Says:

    WOO HOO! We had a ton of fun last time…can’t wait, but I will… :)
    RSVP @rychepet or @rychepet_jail

  5. @LSAS1 Says:

    I’ll be there ~ @LSAS1

  6. @nicholemckinnon Says:

    rsvp @nicholemckinnon

  7. Yolanda Flores Says:

    RSVP @yolirealtor or @yolirealtor2

  8. nikki Says:

    RSVP @nikki2kids sounds fun!

  9. Heather Says:

    RSVP @hsongsays

  10. @lorikeet8 Says:

    RSVP @lorikeet8

  11. Tiffany Dover Says:

    rsvp @mrs_riot1

  12. thalia Says:

    Thanks for the invite im DEF looking forward to this party RSVP @t_ali_z

  13. @serene_streams Says:

    RSVP @serene_streams

  14. @melinda74 Says:

    rsvp @melinda74

  15. Ashleigh Gunter Says:

    Looking forward to it!
    @SPN_Mom or @SPN_MomJail

  16. Nicole Says:

    RSVP @nnacua

  17. Geekdad248 Says:

    RSVP @Geekdad248

  18. Alvia Says:


    Looking forward to it and looking forward to sharing what people loved at our costume swap.

  19. Nadine Says:

    Alright, a #GreenHalloween Looking forward to it! @BoomersNadine

  20. Melissa Hunter Says:


    Looking forward to it!

  21. @Felwinn Says:

    Can’t wait! Love a good #greenhalloween party!

  22. @Godmadefood Says:

    RSVP @Godmadefood

  23. Keeki Says:

    Can’t wait!

  24. Keeki Says:


  25. Jeannette Says:


  26. Josh Says:

    RSVP- yes @joshyto

  27. Jamie Says:


  28. Kristin Says:

    Yay! Sounds great! @smile4kas

  29. Dana Says:

    RSVP @squarebean1

  30. Melisa Mayer Says:

    RSVP “Party”

  31. Jane Says:

    RSVP. @janeeric03

  32. Rossana Says:

    yes @sanawife

  33. @aubsorama Says:

    RSVP-ing and looking forward to it! @aubsorama

  34. Becky Says:


  35. jenniferlucas Says:

    rsvp awesome

  36. @newfiechick Says:

    Looking forward to the chat !

  37. little island studios Says:

    Can’t wait – Halloween is scary but, food shouldn’t be!

  38. Tina T Says:

    Yay! I love hearing about healthy options for kids during Halloween! See you there! @ttapia0905

  39. ThatBrunette Says:

    I would like to attend, please. @DianneMessina

  40. Corey & Lynn Says:

    @CelebrateGreen will be there! Looking forward to seeing you all.

  41. Amaya Papaya Play Lounge Says:


    I’m so excited to attend!

  42. Jennifer Essad Says:

    @4jlessad – can’t wait

  43. Tammy Sigond Says:

    RSVP @tammysigond

  44. erica weaver Says:

    rsvp @centralFLgal or @centralFLgaljL wohooooo

  45. Ashley Says:

    @Thesfile will be there. I was so sad I missed the last Twitter Party – I’m so excited for tonight!

  46. Anna Pry @pryfamily5 Says:

    rsvp @pryfamily5 or @thepryfamily2

  47. anne hill Says:

    RSVP @janejoeyxo

  48. aaron reck Says:

    @areck0001 is my twitter handle. Look forward to seeing you at 9!

  49. alicia Says:

    Please RSVP @Saving4Jewels

  50. Dele Johnson Says:

    RSVP @deli_samich

  51. Giselle Says:

    RSVP @chicgiselle

  52. Nancy Says:

    RSVP @NancyMcKay43

  53. Donna C Says:

    RSVP: donnachapin

  54. Bonnie B. Says:

    @DrkKali1972 will be there

  55. Jody Says:

    Love this idea – cant wait @jodes208

  56. Jody Says:

    Can’t wait @jodes208

  57. Janie Krakowski Says:

    RSVP :) @frugalatte

  58. Mary Ann Says:

    RSVP @maklady

  59. MyFavMonkey Says:

    rsvp@MyFavMonkey or @MyFavMonkeyjail

  60. @CraysMom Says:


  61. gwenith Says:

  62. gwenith Says:

    what time zone is the PARTY?

  63. karo_80 Says:

    Karo will try to be there.

  64. Pamela R Says:

    RSVP @ReviewsSheROTE

  65. Alesha Says:

    rsvp @ecotechmom

  66. @eseattlemama Says:

    Sounds like a great chat! @eseattlemama

  67. Amanda Heck Says:

    Twitter Handle @AmandaE27 RSVP ing now! :)

  68. Tamara Solorzano Says:

    RSPV @yogomeheroes

  69. Melissa Says:

    RSVP @mom321

  70. Celeste Schell Says:


  71. Emily Holyoak Says:

    @hhiemily. RSVP;-)

  72. mary achio Says:

    RSVP @marychio

  73. jeremy Says:

    RSVP @@Jeremygibbs10

  74. @geekdad248 Says:

    RSVP @geekdad248

  75. Christine M Says:


    tubbytelly at

  76. Beata Says:

    RSVP @ beatkanml

  77. nicole Says:

    RSVP @Phinibean23

  78. nicole Says:

    Hello RSVP @Phinibean23