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Guest Post: Swap It!

Laura from has kindly agreed to do a guest post on the Green Halloween blog about Swap It:

Swap It, is a new page I started on Face book for the sole purpose of swapping handmade crafts. There are so many wonderful crafters and artists there. This is a great way to exchange ideas and to own a variety of handmade art. Artists work with a variety of materials, clay, paint, wood but most use fabric.

We are just finishing up a witch swap. What a wonderful variety of witches. Some are painted, sewn, ornies, dolls, and shoes anything witchy works!  Gather your FB friends, neighbors, sewing group and start your own swap. Always be patient! We never know if a computer crashed, or if someone fell ill. Please don’t jump to conclusions, stay positive and have fun then your swaps will be successful.

Swap it is open to anyone in the US and Canada. If you are not a crafter you can certainly purchase a handmade item to swap. We usually have about a week to sign up and then I pull names out of a hat to pair up partners. Once you have a partner the two of you will decide on a dollar value. Partners will also ask each other if they have a color preference or any other preferences that may pertain to that particular swap. Most swaps then take 2 -4 weeks to complete. Partners need to communicate if a swap is going to take longer we just need to drop a quick e mail or FB message to let that person know when they are running late. I always encourage swappers to let each other know when they shipped with an expected delivery date, this way they know to watch the mail.

We post photos on Swap It’s home page. We all enjoy seeing each other’s swaps. As a crafter and designer I really enjoy seeing the variety of creative items. The people I have swapped with and met have been very wonderful. Everyone is pleasant and easy to work with. Come visit Swap It on Face book and post a note and say hello. Join in any swap. We would love to meet you.

Swap It’s page on Facebook

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